Do Blondes have more fun? Do Gentlemen really Prefer Blondes? Are Diamonds still a Girl’s Best Friend? Celebrate the music of history’s favourite golden haired songbirds from Mae West to Marilyn Monroe, Doris Day to Dolly Parton, & Agnetha from Abba with Morning Music’s favourite Brunette Martine Pavey. BIG, BLONDE & BEAUTIFUL takes a tongue in cheek look at our fascination with the golden-locked beauties of the entertainment industry in a scintillating morning of fabulous music!

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party
2 people. Myself and my accompanist.

Big, Blonde & Beautiful follows strongly in the footsteps of my other shows with a strong emphasis on great music with interconnecting anecdotes on an appealing theme. The Show is very simple to stage and bumps in and out super quickly. It appeals to a wide demographic and contains no swearing. The show requires the use of a tuned Piano (a grand is always a bonus!) or a quality electronic keyboard. Access to the audience from the stage is terrific where possible. The BONUS is that I am happy to work closely with manager-programmers (big and small centres alike) to get a "run" of shows, doing my very best to work within your budgets.

I have been writing, producing and performing shows specifically tailored to the Morning Music series for over eight years with four “one-woman” shows produced to date including: JUDY & LIZA (Garland & Minnelli), STARDUST (Natalie & Nat King Cole), and BETTE, BABS & BASSEY, and more recently BIG, BLONDE & BEAUTIFUL (all things musically "Blonde" from Doris to Dolly). My shows are inherently "musical" and they have been written with the concept of “entertainment” firmly in mind.

Production quality is of paramount importance and these shows are beautifully costumed, come with quality marketing materials (poster and flyer artwork as well as quality publicity images) and make use of AV Powerpoint projections. The shows bump in and out very quickly and my musicians are second to none!

The Shows can be performed with Piano-Performer, or with the inclusion of a 3-piece ensemble including double bass/ electric bass and Drums. Due to the much larger cost of touring with these instruments I have based my budget of the Piano-Performer model.

We have wonderful feedback from the Australian Presenter Network but are relatively new to Queensland. Happily, Mark Fawcett is happy to be a "voice" for my shows.

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

I am a very versatile performer with an existing tour ready repertoire which is ideally suited for Theatres looking for quality Morning Melodies product, or smaller venues looking for an evening concert or cabaret. Big, Blonde & Beautiful is beautifully written and costumed and incorporates songs which are instantly recognisable and loved as well as having a great inter-linking narrative. The show can be defined quite simply as "pure entertainment" and establishes a warm and intimate connection with the audience who are guaranteed to have a good laugh as well as shed a tear or two along the way.

Marketing Materials

Quality Marketing Materials (Artwork for Posters, Flyers, photographic images and Showreel footage (the links are via Youtube). Great testimonials from the Australian Theatre Presenter Network, including Mark Fawcett who continues to offer to provide me with an "industry voice" to assist venue managers to have the confidence to self entrepreneur - something which I am very grateful for!

Community Engagement

The Shows I write are designed primarily to "entertain". It is always my goal to transport the audience to another place for 80 minutes or so and make them feel better than they did when they came in by the time it is all over. For many regional audiences, this is a great thing! The songs I sing, as well as the stories I tell on stage make a strong connection with audiences and I always make a point of coming out to say "hello" afterwards to help make it a "whole" experience.