Papuan-Australian songstress Aunty Heru Pinkasova weaves a soulful operatic cabaret.

Following celebrated performances in Hot Brown Honey, Showboat and Songs My Aunties Taught Me, Heru has lovingly curated a collection of reimagined Papuan chants and folk songs.

Woven by the hands of Mothers, Daughters, Aunties and Sisters, the bilum is a symbol of life, strength and story. When you sling a handwoven bilum bag across your body, you carry with you not just the goods that fill the sack, but the history of the women who created it and a space to store your future story.

The Bilum Mamma is the creator and the user. She is a provider, warrior and source of comfort. She also is an artist, creating a masterpiece – something unique to be shared with the world. Each loop and strand pulling together the stories she has been told, the lullabies she was sung and all of the histories that she will pass forward.

Creating her unique Bilum, the textures and colours informed by and informing the songs of her life, exploring traditional Papuan song and how their beats thrum through contemporary music. Join this Bilum Mamma as she gives, takes and holds a unique history, one ready to be carried by those after her.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party

At Little Match Productions, we are passionate about exploring our collective humanity via its most primal and intrinsically expressive media - the voice. Our works traverse comedy-cabaret, opera, classical music and children’s productions, delivering high quality entertainment enjoyed by audiences on many levels.

We are a collective of like-minded female arts professionals. Founded by Alicia Cush and joined by Penny Challen (Co-Artistic Directors) and Performer/Producer Bethan Ellsmore, we engage a variety of artists in rigorous collaboration for each project. Over the past six years, Little Match Productions has developed a reputation for its unique ability to present classical repertoire and vocal techniques in creative contemporary contexts.

Based in Brisbane, our primary focus is creating new, entertaining works for people across ALL of Queensland. We believe in making high quality work that is easily accessible to audiences. For our children’s shows, we pride ourselves on our hidden-vegetable art making skills that ensure ethical stories, told through excellent music, are wrapped up in joy and laughter.

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Unique Selling Point

Cabaret is the perfect mode to introduce Heru’s exquisite voice, unique story and unheard Papuan music. Heru is not only an incredible soprano, she is also an engaging storyteller with equal parts charm, magnetism and comedic flair. With very few Papuan performance artists in Queensland, this is a truly unique performance.

The audience demographic is broad from cabaret, music theatre to music lovers. Potential 'Ladies'/Mums’ Night Out’. While the initial attraction of this show may appeal to the adventurous ticket buyer, the lasting impression will be of world-class vocals, quality musical arrangements and instant fandom of a Queensland talent.

Marketing Materials

Little Match Productions will provide a complete marketing pack including: -Print templates -Graphic design assets -A range promotional images -Marketing copy -Short videos for social media campaigns

The Producer will be providing a new marketing pack format from 2019 for all productions. This will include collateral for multi-channel use and represents a full marketing strategy. This includes full media kit, social media materials, print templates, gifs, MRECs, video content, images and public relations materials. There will be customisable content, content creation assistance for presenters and a suggested schedule for implementation. All information to be accessed via Dropbox folder.

Community Engagement

  1. Pre and post-show foyer activation - the company will travel with a foyer installation of Papuan artefacts, customised prints and other accompanying collateral
    • Engages audience in foyer activities before Doors open, enriching the audience experience and acclimatises everyone with the venue.
  2. Post-event meet-and-greet
  3. Photo opportunities and personal merchandise selling/signing
    • Allows for face-to-face connection between performer and audience
    • Breaks down the barriers of the ‘4th wall’ and the accessibility of Theatre
  4. Post-event Q&A
    • Allows for face-to-face connection between performer and audience
  5. Potential partnering with local visual arts community/groups Note: Workshops are currently in development - Ready by Mar 2022