An old-school boombox sits on stage; a choir enters, presses play, and a travesty of classical music ensues. Choir and boombox come face-to-face in the ultimate skirmish between the human voice and machine.

Switching channels between contemporary choral, rap, classical radio, political speeches, a little bit of ‘theatre’, and a few pieces that could be called experimental, Boombox is music as you have never heard it before. The Australian Voices present something that is part concert, part performance, part insane genius, with musical works by Gordon Hamilton, Rob Davidson, Isabella Gerometta and Nigel Butterley. It is funny, ridiculous and touching.

Boombox is inspired by all the things that should, and should not, be encompassed in a vocal concert. Classical music (of course), new compositions (of course), high quality singing (of course), but also physical theatre, stand-up, rap-battles, sporting commentary, lip-syncing, beatboxing, and – frankly – whatever else they can get away with. A collaboration between Jacob Ballard, Samuel Boyd and TAV’s fearless leader, Gordon Hamilton.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

The show can run almost anywhere and in any form - for the Boombox to work in a large venue, we need access to a mixing desk and a speaker system. Otherwise, for smaller venues, a portable speaker can be substituted.

There is some swearing in the show, but profanities can be substituted out with some notice.

It is with high artistic energy that The Australian Voices (TAV) commission and perform the work of Australian composers.

Recently TAV has recorded new works intended for “performance” on YouTube. Hamilton’s composition The 9 Cutest Things That Ever Happened (2013) has been viewed over one million times. In 2014 they made international headlines with a video of Rob Davidson’s Not Now, Not Ever! (2014), a musicalisation of Julia Gillard’s ‘misogyny’ speech.

Their album for Warner Classics (2012) was observed by Gramophone Magazine to "boast a crisp, resonant delivery of the sonic goods under Hamilton's confident direction." In 2013 they released an songbook with Edition Peters and in 2016 an album for ABC Classics.

Recently the group has brought their distinct sound to China, the UK, Germany, USA and Palestine.

The Australian Voices are ensemble-in-residence at the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. In 2017 TAV and QSO present a collaborative concert series.

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

The Australian Voices have a reputation for performing Australian new works, at the highest of international standards. The Australian Voices is well known on the internet for a selection of YouTube videos including: The Nine Cutest Things That Ever Happened and more recently Not Now, Not Ever! Julia Gillard's Misogyny Speech which received press across Australia.

Marketing Materials

The Australian Voices has an extensive catalogue of recordings available on CD, digital download, streaming and online.

Posters and images from previous seasons are available.

Video content (including but not limited to performances and interviews) can be created on demand within a 72-hour turn around.

High resolution images are available of this production.

Community Engagement

The mission of TAV is to commission, premiere and perform new Australian music, and with a completely Australian repertoire this is spreading Australian music throughout the community.

The Australian Voices has a track record for leading and delivering accessible, education and fun workshops, which leave participants with a good sense and perspective of the musical landscape around Australia. TAV aims to help improve choir and solo singers, suitable for all ages, our workshops will focus on choral sound, conducting, and the stories behind the music. We can work on your repertoire or bring new music for you to learn. For more information on our workshops, visit: