A high-octane comedy that turns the night you’d rather forget into a night you’ll always remember.

Full of night-on-the-town tales told by the men who stand at the door, Bouncers is the most hilarious spit-fire comedy you’ll ever see in four suits.

Rude, crude, Bouncers is a very entertaining way for audiences to reflect on substance abuse and masculine culture in their own communities.

Four tough-looking actors - in high-octane performances - play Bouncers, young women, young men, and the entire motley crew of characters you'd expect to find on a drunken night out on the town - the obnoxious teenage jocks, the girls stumbling on their high heels, the sleezy DJ, right through to the late night kebab, and the roller-coaster taxi-ride home.

Lucky Eric, Judd, Les and Ralph tell all the lurid details of a night at the club - looking at our drinking culture and reckless masculinity - all with great comedy, biting wit and a killer soundtrack.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party
Six - four actors, two technicians

Performances contain adult content, e.g. swearing, references to sex

Technical requirements

  • smoke machine
  • mirror ball, or ability to create similar lighting effect.

heartBeast Theatre is a critically acclaimed Brisbane-based independent theatre company founded in 2010. We create original work and reimagine classics to challenge our artists and enthrall our audiences.

Our aims are:

  • through ongoing exploration, creativity and performance, to investigate, develop and present a repertoire of heightened, adventurous, artistically excellent theatre that educates, entertains, enthrals and extends audiences to reconsider their personal perspectives, philosophies and place in the world

  • to provide experienced and developing theatre creatives with a rehearsal and performance environment that strongly encourages artistic experimentation and personal creativity in a dynamic, harmonious atmosphere

  • to foster the development of both experienced and emerging theatre creatives.

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Unique Selling Point

Bouncers is a highly energised, fast-pace comedy that looks at substance abuse and masculinity. The laugh-a-minute performance provides an open door, for general audiences, to wider discussion and reflection on some of the more difficult and troubling issues in communities.

Marketing Materials

Marketing resources include

  • marketing copy
  • quotes from previous outstanding reviews from Brisbane season
  • print templates and graphic design elements
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Community Engagement

Community forum on substance abuse and/or masculine culture, led by local council community workers. The actors reflect on the characters on the play, as well as on their own personal experiences, in a forum that invites local community members to share their related difficulties and, possibly, to offer solutions. It is vital that this is led by a local community worker who has a good knowledge of the the local context, and can suitably lead such an event.