7 acrobats and 30 metres of rope...

By a Thread is a ensemble circus creation exploring the relationship between trust and play on an innovative aerial apparatus. Long spools of white rope run through pulley sheaves and wrap around bodies, explicitly connecting the artists’ movements above and off the ground. The actions of one acrobat affect and implicate the movements of others in a precise negotiation of cause and effect. The performers use this metaphor for connectedness to explore the give and take, balance, and dynamics of relating to one another. Leaving the realm of the solo act where the performer relies on their individual strength; our acrobats rely on the strength of the group to hold the end of the rope, keeping them aloft. By a Thread offers rich visuals of inventive aerial acrobatics and spectacular skills from some of Australia’s best circus artists. With intense training in a breadth of contemporary circus disciplines, the performers have pooled their knowledge and skills, and then exploded the traditional boundaries of these disciplines to create a show where classic techniques are used in expansive ways and new skills are made possible.

Venue Format
Theatre, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party

Requires two human rated rigging points - see technical specifications for more detail.

One Fell Swoop is a contemporary circus company that aims to re¬examine the dynamics of acrobatic ensemble work and the relationships within it. Based in Melbourne, One Fell Swoop lets audiences viscerally experience the balance of joy and risk inherent to group acrobatic performance, creating powerful works on the cutting edge of contemporary circus practice. One Fell Swoop creates work that combines a high level of circus skill with rich dramatic perspectives, specialising in traditional theatre shows and large¬scale outdoor circus installation works. The company brings the dynamics of acrobatic ensemble work and the relationships within it to aerial circus performance structures. One Fell Swoop’s premiere theatrical contemporary circus show, By a Thread, explores the negotiation of trust and risk implicit in relationships, acrobatic or otherwise, on an innovative aerial apparatus.

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Unique Selling Point

By a Thread uses a single thirty metre white cotton rope to explore the trust and risk inherent to all relationships. When a performer is on one side of the rope, the ensemble must provide an equal force on the other side to hold that person aloft. We use this connection to explore ways of interacting with others, in duos, in a group, the group versus an individual, through moments of hilarity, confusion, romance, fear, isolation and friendship. “What One Fell Swoop Circus created on stage often looked more like a work of art than a circus” – The Adelaidian

Marketing Materials

Materials: • Exceptional and striking imagery: stills, promo shots, footage, and trailers • Excellent video and trailers • Media Release Template • Posters and flyer template (we also have a large 2m by 2m outdoor banner)

Hooks and selling points: • High level acrobatics • The show uses a single apparatus; innovating circus conventions – “You haven’t seen circus like this before” • The action takes place from ground level to 8 metres up in the air • The apparatus is a 30m rope from a sailing supplier and two industrial pulleys from construction • 4.5 star reviews from ArtsHub, Aus Arts Review, The West Australian, The Music • Dynamic, vibrant soundtrack

Community Engagement

We offer workshops for all ages in circus and acrobatics. The entire ensemble are experienced trainers and hold WWC checks. We can provide basic equipment, i.e. juggling balls and other props. We also offer masterclasses in a range of aerial disciplines that could tie into local circus spaces for existing circus students. We also have a school worksheet tailored to year 11/12 physics that breaks down some of the problems in dynamics, circular motion and statics highlighted by the way we use the apparatus. This is an engaging and curriculum appropriate example of science as a human endeavour.