Intergenerational circus with lots to say: the personal is political, fury is fun and the acrobatics downright dangerous – especially when life gets in the way. Casting off stereotypes, these dynamic women tumble, talk, fly, and balance precariously. A disarming, hilarious show about living on the edge and talking about it, and its easier done than said. Relaxed, personal and fantastically inappropriate.

Casting Off shines light on women relating to each other in playful, fruitful relationships. Spenser is the youngest and strongest of these strong women. At 29, she delights in her femininity and always knows what’s next. Sharon is a gutsy 41 year old powerhouse and single mother of two. Debra, the oldest of the three, combines 58 years of seasoned acrobatics and directing with her surprising physicality and playful wit.

Flipping, climbing and flying while divulging and dissecting the many texts that embody each day: lists, poems, conversations, melodies, arguments and biographies. These vocal acrobatics are the soundscape for the show.

Beginning as an experiment with voice and circus, resulting in an authentic circus production that has received standing ovations throughout Australia, making audiences laugh and cry at the same time!

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

The show includes one aerial act, but can be performed without aerials in venues where rigging is not possible.

Happy Haps Productions creates and tours entertaining and accessible shows that all feature strong female characters and promote gender equality. Founded by Hannah Cryle (manager and producer of Pants Down Circus), Happy Haps currently has multiple productions touring Australia and world wide. In 2017 Happy Haps presented shows to over 6000 audience members in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the UK.

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

Casting Off showcases the talents of 3 female celebrities of Australian Circus. Between them these three woman have worked for some of the worlds most prestigious and respected circus companies including Cirque Du Soleil, Circus Oz, Legs on the Wall and The Flying Fruit Flies Circus. Audiences come for the acrobatics, but they leave talking about how incredibly relateable and real the artists are. Every female audience member will recognise at least one conversation, argument or thought that is retold and leave with a strong sense of knowing the performers well. It's an incredibly touching experience.

Marketing Materials

Media Release, Full Cast Bios, Production Photos and working files for A3 Poster and DL Flyer all included in sell off.

Community Engagement

Casting Off offer 2 different workshops that each have social benefits. One is exclusively women and girls and the other is open to everyone. Venues are encouraged to run both workshops if timing allows or simply choose the workshop that best suits their community needs.

  1. Women and girls only- Physical performance based workshop based on finding their voice, empowering them both physically and creatively. Looking at both physical and internal strength and the importance of being brave over being perfect.

  2. For all- Improv/Drama based workshop based on collaboration, communication, learning how to lead, follow, listen and add to other peoples idea's. Focusing on clear respectful communication between all genders.

Both workshops end with a human pyrimid where participants can put what they've learnt into a circus based outcome.