A journey of jazz through pan flute

Be swept away by the distinctive and captivating sound of Celestino. This enchanting interaction between ancient South American instruments and modern technology results in a truly uplifting sound.

Incorporating traditional Bolivian panpipes, quenas (traditional flutes) and charango (traditional Bolivian string instrument), Celestino blends traditional sounds with jazz and funk music to create a passionate and memorable performance. A five-piece ensemble of supremely talented musicians, members of Celestino have performed throughout: Australia, South Africa and South America. The instruments of Celestino include Panpipes, Quenas, Charango, Keyboard, Guitar, Drums & Latin Percussion. This exotic mix of Andean, Afro Cuban & Western influences is splendidly fused, creating a production of breathtaking synergy. The unique and exquisite flavour connects with the audience through the universal language of music!

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
Touring Party
6 in Touring Party (5 band members & 1 sound engineer)

Celestino is primarily an instrumental ensemble, consisting of Andean, Afro Cuban and western influences, fused together to form an exquisite flavour.

The group consists of 5 members each playing a wide range of percussive and melodic music. Essentially the melody is played by traditional South American instruments sikus (panpipes) and quenas (flutes) accompanied by rhythm section guitar, charango (Bolivian native string instrument) and Keyboard. the rythymns sway between salsa, jazz, funk, reggae, bossa nova, merengue, rock, lounge, disco and more.

Passionately fusing cultures, “Celestino ” reaches out to the diverse audience through the most understood language in the world, music.

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Unique Selling Point

In Australia, Celestino is the only native Bolivian Indian who is fusing his traditional Indigenous sounds with Western music styles. Combined with the use of traditional instruments, this incredible ensemble of artists come together with a cohesion & synergy that is truly captivating. The sounds that emanate from the stage are identifiable as South American, but are rarely heard live in Australia. This uniqueness in sound is appealing to audiences, attracting great curiosity & attention. It has been noted that a Celestino performance leaves audiences feeling uplifted, emotional, & deeply touched by the passion & energy that this music offers.

Marketing Materials

Merchandise available includes CDs and instruments (Bolivian Pan-Pipes).

There is a promotional video found at the YouTube link, in the resource section below.

Community Engagement

All Celestino band members are experienced with conducting workshops and private tuition. With prior knowledge of the target group, workshop plans can be tailored and presented for the specific audience. Education & development of the Arts is important to the members of Celestino, which means they are open to discussions & negotiations of combining workshops with performances.

Uni - first Indigenous + pan pipes jazz at Con Comm Games representing The Americas

Mario (Bachelor of Music, Griffith University's Qld Conservatorium of Music) performed in the recent Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast and has toured with Ethno on Road, via B.E.M.A.C. He understands how Bolivian cultural music reaches out to audiences in metropolitan and rural areas alike. Celestino artists are available and willing to engage in post-performance activities.

Audiences and workshop attendees leave with a new appreciation for cultural and spiritual awareness. For all musicians, communication through music is the ultimate goal. Celestino believe that this is the cultural legacy that they offer.

James McIntyre (Bachelor of Music, Griffith University's Qld Conservatorium of Music) is a professional guitarist and educator and will be available for any engagment activities throughout the tour.