Chameleon is an entertaining look at Mental Health, inside the twisted rabbit hole of the human psyche.

This hilarious, emotionally charged, cabaret has a relatable moment for everyone! A sweet yet very real insight into dating, fitness and the dreaded high school reunion will double as a great night out and free therapy for all. Come on a wild ride deep into the twisted rabbit hole of the human psyche.

Chameleon brilliantly portrays a new point of view of the norms of mental illness through heartfelt stories of a woman’s journey to mental wellness. With original music from the world of the blues, jazz, folk and rock, Chameleon packs a healthy dose of funny for the mind, body and soul.

This show tells the story of Alexandra, played by Karen Lee Roberts (who has a lived experience of mental illness), working through multiple situations every day towards finding clarity. Mr Sunshine, aka Dr Jeff Usher (a blind, jazz-blues legend), is her guiding light on piano.

Chameleon is not just for those challenged by mental health issues, it is for all people in the community. Each person out there has a friend, a family member, or a little part of themselves that identifies. It is entertaining, educating and great fun for a mature audience.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

Performance contains adult content (moderate sex scene), 15+ rated language, reference to self-harm and suicide (delicately managed). The script uses humour and a heartfelt angle, and viewers will evoke a range of emotional experiences from sadness, frustration, laughter, empathy and shock. The staging is easily adaptable for very small spaces for keyboard player and actor. Props include a chair and the show needs simple lighting and 2 mics, plus a head mic for larger venues.

KLR Creative is a small company created for the purposes of work done by Karen Lee Roberts. It was started by Karen Lee Roberts and Sarah Gall (her producer at the time) during the Anywhere Theatre Festival, when her cabaret Chameleon was performed during this. It is now staging her cabaret for its second Adelaide Fringe Festival. The company supports work done by Karen, her pianist Jeff Usher and any other performers used in her productions, such as in performances like Chameleon and Jazz and Blues gigs, both as online and in house shows. indelabilityarts is an inclusive theatre company that provides professional artistic and training opportunities for artists and community members who identify as having a disability. Our professional ensemble creates original work that communicates the lived experience of each artist across a range of performance modes to challenge the perceptions of audiences and industry alike. Through our inclusive practice, we aim to foster acceptance and understanding for those who usually feel marginalised, discriminated against, or excluded from arts practice so that they can access and make work that both reflects their experience and caters to their needs.

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Unique Selling Point

Chameleon explores the life of Alexandra who takes us into a journey of her mental health through topics such as relationships to self and others. It is a revealing cabaret by Karen Lee Roberts who self identifies with a lived experience of mental illness alongside her accompanist Jeff Usher, a blind jazz musician. The topics covered are quite serious, but they are explored in a humorous and heartfelt manner, with plenty of comedy, touching moments, wonderful songs, music and a quirky script. The audience participates in an online survey before the show deciding upon the outcome of the cabaret's scenes.

Marketing Materials

Chameleon is designed to engage adult audiences of all types, prompting discussions around mental health and well-being. We'll also make personal contact with mental health organisations, disability and local community groups. It is also important for us to contact and involve local mental health advocacy and support organisations, to provide audience members with local information and access points. For our public performances we have used social media platforms, including contacts with local newspapers and radio, posters and flyers in the local areas. This involves daily posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and fortnightly promotional videos on YouTube and our website.

Community Engagement

1 hour singing workshop with singer and performer Karen Lee Roberts. Learn how to harness your voice and discover how to turn that rhyme into a tune.

Karen explores a range of music styles with the group tailoring these choices based on the participants present. Participants will be able to sing songs they've written accompanied by Jeff on keyboard, sharing with the group.

Connecting to the community, particularly the disability community, is so important with regards to inspiring disabled people to express themselves and share their stories. Karen’s cabaret is all about mental wellness, and creativity is an outlet for people to unleash their inner most feelings and emotions and be vulnerable in a safe environment.

We offer post-show Q&A sessions for audience members and encouraging them to chat about elements of the show they connected with on a shared platform where they can share their lived experiences with mental health if so desired. The objective of this Q & A is to answer any questions relating to the content of the cabaret, or what has resonated with audiences. We want to ensure the space is kept safe and inviting post show where mental health is at the forefront of the conversation.