Showcasing his breathtaking ability to mimic voices, it's just like listening to the real deal, a true vocal chameleon.

Stewart Reeve the Gold Coast star of the hit show Rebel is back with Chameleon, an award-winning one-man show displaying an amazing array of breathtaking vocal abilities. Showcasing his unbelievable vocal range and ability to mimic unique voices and sounds, Chameleon treats you to an evening that spans decades of hit songs and celebrity voices, ranging from Frank-N-Furter to Annie Lennox, Depeche Mode, Simply Red, Macy Gray, Tones and I and many more. This show has something for everyone, with an amazing back catalogue of tricks up his sleeve, Stewart has the ability to mimic an eclectic array of sounds and voices ranging from a self-service check-out counter to Donald Trump and of course Bowie. But there is more to the story than meets the eye. An impressions show like no other, powerhouse vocalist Stewart Reeve has always struggled to find his voice, his one unique sound. Chameleon allows Stewart to share these sounds and voices as vignettes through time which have helped shape and change his life forever. It is sure to be a night of celebration and fun for the whole family, singing and laughing along to the famous voices and classic hits Chameleon has to offer.

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Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
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Tech Specs available on request. Presenter pack available on request.

Nicholas Clark Management (NCM) Agent NCM is dedicated to making high quality Australian work that is highly theatrical and supports and develops the emotional intelligence of young people and family audiences. NCM regular tours work to national and international markets. Recent tours include Western Australia, Victoria, New Zealand, UK, China, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Malta and Singapore. (

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Chameleon is appealing to a diverse audience. With its infinite catalogue of hit songs appealing to high-school students right through to the older generation. This is a hit show for all the family. It has the perfect mixture of comedy, vocal talent and a heartfelt story told by an extremely talented singer. Audiences will be captivated by the true gift Stewart has with his vocal abilities on display and will be sure to walk away singing the lyrics to all the hit songs, all while trying to perfect the checkout counter 'beep' before their next trip to the supermarket.

Marketing Materials

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Stewart Reeve is a leader in his field, having grown up on the Gold Coast, he is a well-known face on the Cabaret circuit, having performed in many hit shows, most noticeably Dracula's. Stewart Reeve's latest touring work follows on from the success of Rebel. Rebel is the award-winning show currently touring nationally and has created significant interest with many presenting partners wishing to book the next work.

Community Engagement

The show is available to tour to regional and remote communities. The high quality and professional show will help to promote venues and bring people to communities that engage with the show. The performer can offer a Q and A with the public after the show. Stewart has vast experience in community engagement having held many workshops, in vocal training, workshops cold be made available.