Kids love Chores!

Chores is an Award winning story of two typical young rascal boys playing in their mess of a room. Suddenly, mother's alarming screams rattle the boys back in to acrobatic action. A generous serve of comedy and chaotic acrobatics accompanies every attempt at cleaning their room and doing their chores. This mess of chaos and comedy concludes with a last-minute cleaning spree. Mum is kept at bay and the rewards come flooding in.

Inspired by slapstick legends Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin, the side-splitting duo of Chores is coming your way. Two excitable brothers, are definitely, about to, almost, at some stage, are maybe going to do the chores their mother has asked them to do…

With highlights of skilled circus stunts and uproarious, interactive gags, and with very little spoken dialogue, the audience will find themselves on the edge of their seats and giggling until the chores are done.

Chores is brought to you by Derek Llewellin and Julian Roberts, the performers from Hoopla Clique. With collectively over 20 years’ experience, the exuberant talent of these two clowns redefines slapstick humour and showcases the true value of tenacity, teamwork, trust and cooperation through physical theatre.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

The show is tour ready, run-in and developed, has no need for tech support as a single lighting wash is fine and all the sound cue's are simple. The bump in is less than 2 hours and the bump out is even less than that.

National touring capabilities are very well equipped. The show can be transported in a Land-cruiser Troupe Carrier which fits the show perfectly in the back which makes touring cheap and self sufficient.

The show is relatively small for international touring also.

The requires an 6 x 5 metre stage and 5 metres of height clearance.

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Company Website

Unique Selling Point

Our characters are children dealing with a problem that the young audience can relate to; cleaning their room. By engaging with children on their level we break down a communication barrier.

We are then able to deliver the important messages such as team work, active and healthy lifestyle and positive mental states through fun and laughter.

The basic storyline allows even a 2 year old to follow along.

In saying this, the complexity of gag formulas and the way that they are delivered, create a intriguingly intelligent overall perception, making this show appealing to older audiences as well as the kids.

Marketing Materials

Promo video:

Media Kit - Generic press release ready to be adapted for your media needs.

Education Pack - Australian curriculum-aligned education pack for Foundation - Year 6. Two linked Drama lessons for each age group, responding to the performance of the show.

Tailored materials for social media campaigns including scheduled 3-week Facebook campaign Selection of high quality images & video promos

Poster and Flyer templates.

Short video grabs from our audience members. Short video grabs from different parts of the show.

Community Engagement

What is the FULL Chores experience? Well it starts with some serious community engagement –Students/Children will develop vocabulary related to the topic of chores; they will engage in discussion and roleplay activities that explore what chores are, who can do different chores, and explore sharing and assisting. They will reflect on social structures and responsibilities, develop personal social capabilities, and reflect upon their role in their families and communities. This activity which meets standard Australian curriculum links for Drama and English is held either before or after the hilarious show Chores. Delivered by our fabulous acrobats Julian & Derek the young audience members will love it having either just watched the show or about to settle in to watch the show.
Chores has toured for over 12 months including significant school tours. At a minimum, question time can be included in every performance. Other community engagement opportunities include circus and theatre workshops, which can be developed into feature performances by students.

Our Education Pack allows teachers to build on the show concepts and engage students with lively Drama lessons.