Laugh, cry & reminisce as you meet your neighbor for the first time - A Migrant! A hilarious, interactive & emotionally charged fusion of Dance, Comedy & Drama based on a true story of my father as he meets his new home. A unique & entertaining presentation of an Italian migrants journey to Australia in the 1950's.

Its Universal appeal makes it a fun & entertaining history lesson on immigration. Linking to the Queensland experience with an Italian theme running through the show (Italians have literally shaped the landscape through sugarcane plantations).

A powerful/entertaining presentation, 6 dancers/actors, 2 dynamics singers, engaging choreography. 'Ciao' is an informal Italian verbal greeting meaning either hello or goodbye, exactly describing the show - the jubilation's, ecstasy & sadness that comes with CIAO, a theatrical representation with an underlying message to believe, let go, trust, unite, grow & succeed.

"Ela Rose's strength lies in his ability to relate to the audience.." Theatre Press

Pasqualino describes his hardship, struggles & achievements through his journey as he adapts to his new country. Street Latin Dance including Tango, Salsa, ChaChaCha & more (Choreographed by a Latin American Dance Champion) including the traditional 'Tarantella' fills the emotionally charged presentation. A witty combination of artistic expression & crowd interaction like no other

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
Touring Party

NOTE - A smaller version of the show is available - has worked well for morning melodies, senior citizens week, small community centers, etc - please contact for fee structure.

LIGHTING: Flexible pending on Venue. Standard rig of most venues can be adequate Preferable:

  • 4 to 6 zoom spots SCX 800
  • 3 phase dimmer (if 3 phase outlet available)
  • standard lighting desk SOUND:
  • 2x Cordless or Radio microphones with standard mixers
  • 1x headset microphone
  • Most sound & Music controlled by laptop by 1x crew - hence will require appropriate mixing console for min. 2 stereo inputs  
  • 2 x fold back wedges AV: Rear Projector & Rear Projector Screen. Screen size requirements pending on size of venue & number of seating (Generally speaking a screen size of approx 3.0x2.5m). Power point presentation via laptop controlled by 1 x crew, hence requiring appropriate cabling.

Rear Projector available (at extra cost)

Performance space - 5.5meter depth clearance on stage to allow 2.3m clearance for rear projection plus performance space

EPR Productions is a unique company specialising in themed dance and theatre presentations with a unique sense of quality and vision.

A company that was established with a focus in mind, to tell a story through movement, to engage the audience, moving the emotions of the viewer and immersing them into the journey of the story.

EPR Productionsis led by a passionate Artistic Director & Choreographer; Emilio Ela Rose

Ela Rose’s Credentials include:

  • Latin American Salsa Champion
  • Professional Actor & Dance Instructor
  • MC & Voice Over
  • Stage/Theatre Choreographer
  • TV Presenter of Latin Dance on ‘Fusion Latina’ on Channel 31 Australiawide

Dance and Theatre experience has come while traveling around the world from experiencing the exhilarating Bal du Moulin Rouge in Paris to the most inspirational and life changing moments living and dancing with the street kids of Latin America.

His experience extends to cultural dancers which he experienced traveling around the world from country to country. With his 20 years of percussion behind him and unique interpretation of presentation through Dance, Theatre and Music, makes him a well renowned and talented Choreographer. Ela Rose trained at the Victorian College of the Arts Drama School, enhancing his appreciation for Drama and Self Expression in performance.

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

  1. Its universal appeal & performance space adaptability
  2. Entertaining history lesson on immigration in Australia & linking to the 'Italian experience' in Queensland
  3. Translate to any community that has a culture that is identifiable
  4. A perfect addition during Queensland Multicultural week particularly with its community engagement activities. CIAO will be enjoyed by all generations of migrants & non-migrants. The trial production was well received by Anglo Australians, European migrants, younger audience members including children. The show has an identity able to engage those from diverse age & cultural backgrounds. It has a diverse community appeal from Schools to multicultural groups to Festivals.

Marketing Materials

High quality promotional production photos, Video Promo, generic press release, company biography, high resolution production/marketing images, poster templates are available. Working with local schools (Incursions), Community groups and dance schools offering dance and educational packages i.e. cultural and specialised dance workshops and educational programs on migration in Australia. Offering the opportunity of the participants in these workshops to participate in a part of the live show. Radio interviews, coincide with the local multicultural festivals including Italian festivals & other multicultural programs. Relationship marketing - working together with local venue presenters and Italian social/community clubs/festivals to explore co-production opportunities.

Community Engagement

  • Stimulate exercise & cultural engagement with the community engagement activities the show package offers i.e School Incursions & Master Classes. These have been used in the past as a 'build up' towards the show date whether it be a week or months before creating a 'community buzz'. Participants then have the opportunity to perform on show night!
  • School Incursions can be tailored to suit. An informative/interactive presentation regarding the history of immigrants to Australia. The workshop provides props, discussions & dance workshop (Italian 'Tarantella')
  • Master Dance Classes for children & adults. Dances performed in the show are available as part of the package:Tango, Salsa, Bachata, Cha cha cha, Italian Tarantella, etc
  • Stimulate local businesses to get involved to assist in theming the event
  • Evoke all senses of emotion, allowing viewers to be immersed in the story, stimulating the opportunity of chatting to the cast members afterwards about the experiences revealed in the show.
  • Ability to widen its appeal in targeting communities with a multicultural sector whom are limited to cultural presentations.
  • Connect generations & raise awareness eg. celebrate multiculturalism in Australia, understanding the history of Australia's history post WW2, appreciate the difficulty of the migration period in Australia & difficulty of overcoming hardships, language barriers.