COLOSSI is a one-man physical theatre show presented in everyday spaces: backyards, forts, under trees, a footbridge! From small rooms to outdoor spaces, Scott Wings uses physical theatre, clowning, mime, comedy and spoken word, to craft a raw storytelling experience. Both a testament to the power of imagination and play, as well as powerful social commentary on mental health issues such as depression and bipolar. In COLOSSI, Scott and his imaginary friend Jack battle trolls and goblins, ride dragons and eat tacos. When the COLOSSI stomp through, devouring everything in their path, Scott cannot imagine a thing to stop them. Scott gives Jack words that are weapons, but can't say the right words to help battle his giant demons. Pantomime meets physical theatre meets mental health commentary in this adult world of play and whimsy set in everyday, imaginative spaces in YOUR neighbourhood! For ages 15+

Venue Format
Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

1 - Ideally COLOSSI requires an outside space with some climbable objects. For example a footbridge's had railings, steps, tree roots - but coupled with a small flat space to stand.

2 - A comfortable space for the audience to sit and watch is important. Removed from the traditional black-box, audiences are especially sensitive to the "rules" of a performance. So to make the audience as comfortable as possible is absolutely imperative. Previous performances have included cushions, matting, candles, fairy lights, mosquito coils and incense to envelop the audience as they approach the space.

Scott Wings is a multi-award winning artist combining physical theatre, poetry and storytelling. His one-man shows are soaring testaments to imagination and poetry performed in easy, everyday, pop-up locations. Scott Wings is a highly physical artist creating wild monsters and interesting characters through the body and is a master at on-the-fly adjustments to space and environment for performance. He is inspired by performance art in interesting locations and has performed his one-man show COLOSSI everywhere from bridges in Brisbane to jungles in Singapore. He won the Best New Theatre weekly award at the 2015 Adelaide Fringe Festival, was nominated for a Total Theatre Award at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival and is the 2013 Performance Poetry World Cup champion.

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Unique Selling Point

Scott Wings is a performer passionate about the origins of great storytelling and using everyday spaces to make it happen: no theaters, no hi-tech wizardry, just inspiring imagination and movement that will paint the stories as vivid as a HD TV. COLOSSI is perfect as community engagement pop-up theater. Mental health issues are facing our communities everywhere, COLOSSI grabs these issues head-on in a fun and unique way, making it an important message for audiences everywhere.

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Community Engagement

The community benefits have to do with both the mode of presentation, the audience and the message within the performance.

Mode of Presentation: As COLOSSI is best presented in everyday spaces in communities, it provides a unique opportunity to imprint space with a memory, a quality, and an experience. Transformation of space is one of the underlying techniques used in the show, weaving together what is seen and real with what is imagined.

The audience: COLOSSI is an opportunity to reach audiences in an intimate mode of expression that coaxes people into an unrivalled place of joy and play. The heightened physicality of the show and audience interaction make for an emotional journey, a team effort, and a sense of responsibility to care for each other.

Message: The underlying message of COLOSSI is to use your words to effect positive change within yourself. To help and support one another. To not be afraid to address your own issues. COLOSSI confronts mental health issues, presented to communities in spaces they feel they own, a larger metaphor for the culture of silence that is hiding in your own backyard and in your own head.