Isaac Lomman will mesmerise audiences with his outrageously funny Comedy Hypnosis! ENTRANCED. A uniquely different Comedy experience as The Hypnotist creates a hilarious show entirely out of volunteers from the audience. Focussing on the power of the human mind and what our Imaginations can achieve, Isaac Lomman ensures a hilarious show with a powerful message: Reality Is Plastic!

You can SEE the Show or BE the Show in this all ages experience.

Volunteers Only!

No one is forced on stage as Isaac only works with volunteers who want to be hypnotised from the audience – first on stage become the stars of the show.

All Ages! This show is enjoyed by all ages from 9-90 with only mild adult themes as Isaac whips up hilarity for all without the need to use overly crude scenarios. Great for the whole family!

Every Show is Different to the Last! With a 100% Audience participation show each show is naturally different to the last. However Isaac takes this a step further and is committed to keeping his show content fresh with new routines, new volunteers and the opportunity for YOU to experience this amazing state of mind for yourself as the star of the show.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

Critical Technical Requirements: Foldback Speakers, Wireless Handheld Microphone, Direct Input for iPad in Stage Wings. Other Stage Requirements: 14 Armless Chairs in a row across the stage

Entranced Entertainment is a boutique production company Directed by Isaac Lomman for his Stage Hypnosis productions.

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

The direct appeal is seeing friends and family become the stars of the show. Audiences are immediately pulled into what is going to happen next because they know the people on stage. As a secondary it's appealing because it explores the mind and the parts of it we don't often get to see in daily life.

Marketing Materials

I have clips on Youtube of me hypnotising Port Adelaide Football Club which often makes it easier for audiences to see the value of what a Comedy Hypnosis show actually is in a few short minutes. I have poster templates and a marketing formula I use to hit multiple points of contact with potential audiences and increase ticket sales.

Community Engagement

The legacy will be audiences never forgetting the experience they've had either on stage or seeing friends and family in an altered state of mind performing to a live audience. The subtle message left through the show is an inspiring one about the power of our minds, imaginations and what we can achieve by using a powerful natural trance state of mind that we all have access to.