A delicate struggle between cultural traditions and contemporary modes of reasoning.

In a 21st Century world where it is common to believe in both spirituality and science – how can we navigate the complex dialogues that consume contemporary culture? For thousands of years in Australia, understanding of the world came from dreamtime stories, song lines, and oral histories all of which are still relevant to many Australians. Our environment is riddled with the hypocrisies of a culturally diverse past lingering in the wake of a globalized present. Featuring two contemporary performers with shared and distinctly individual experiences, this work aims not only to explore the harmony and conflict of contemporary Australian reasoning, but to find a Common Dissonance.

This work follows the relationship between two identities, serving to represent contemporary scientific reasoning and traditional cultural reasoning . As the performers explore their world and engage in a performative dialogue they grapple with their inherent similarities, differences, and contradictions. As the physical conversation progresses the pair come to terms with the notion that no one way of thinking can be dominant, and cohabitation is necessary to understanding. The exploration creates unity and balance through physical theatre, acrobatics, and aerial circus performance relying upon one another’s strength, balance, and agility - their commonalities and their differences.

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Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
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This work explores aspects of colonisation in an abstract format. The content isn’t explicit but is highly emotive.

Na Djinang Circus is a Melbourne based circus company working with diverse young artists to share unique insight with the next generation's Hands & Feet.

Founded by Waka Waka man Harley Mann, Na Djinang Circus aims to develop work that utilises the next generation's social and political attitudes and create work to challenge our own perceived ideas about contemporary Australian society. With our work we hope to explore novel ways of presenting circus that is accessible for both frequent circus audiences and all members of the community.

Na Djinang Circus is known for being a First Nations led company and the directorial style of our work imbues traditional and contemporary styles of performance with shapes, images, and styles of indigenous performance, rituals, and iconography.

As we grow, we hope to turn our company into a social enterprise and engage with community through our work and other community engagement opportunities.

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Unique Selling Point

Circus as an art form is inherently accessible to wide audiences and exciting for views of all ages. This work utilises the universality of circus to tell a very particular story that is unknown to most audiences.

The combination of circus and Aboriginal cultural imagery is uncommon within circus arts.

This work strives to unite and connect audiences of conflicting social ideologies, acting as a catalyst for reconciliation with the arts.

Marketing Materials

Na Djinang will provide a range of marketing materials, including

High quality hero images and production images 2:20 Promo trailer and short production clips (new promo trailer in development) Marketing copy Media quotes and reviews Access to artists and creatives for media opportunities (When appropriate) Access to free standing aerial rig that can be set up in most venues

Community Engagement

Na Djinang provide circus workshops to a variety of communities, focusing on integrating culture and identity with movement and acrobatics.

Na Djinang tailor the workshops to fit the needs of the participants.