Composers in Exile is an evocative journey throughout the great songs and music of the Weimar period.

Composers in Exile features political songs from the turbulent times prior to World War II and showcases the musical theatre of Weill, and cabaret of Stolz, Eisler and Korngold. The musical palate is varied and evokes the Weimar period with great energy. During the show, the musicians assume the roles of the various composers and give voice to their feelings and frustrations. The performance is further enhanced by projected images. As the Weimar Republic descended into chaos, the people escaped into hedonistic abandon and an explosion of creativity. Under this easy cover, the Nazi Party slowly slithered into power. With Hitler’s ascent, Germany’s greatest composers fled to seek freedom in the four corners of the world. Through the prodigious talents of baritone Peter Coleman-Wright AO and four virtuoso saxophonists of the Nexas Quartet, we follow the musical journey of these exiles from Berlin and Vienna to New York and beyond with a mixture of political songs from the Weimar period. These songs capture the spirit of the times: defiant, soulful and searching, but also capable of moments of exuberant joy and hope.

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D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
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The ability to project images on a back drop or screen is somewhat crucial to the show.

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Unique Selling Point

This unique show combines the soundscape of a virtuosic saxophone quartet with a world renowned opera singer through enthralling, haunting and vivid music from the Weimar period. Each performer embodies a composer or writer and is matched by detailed and profound stories and images to enhance each musical number.

Marketing Materials

Material from the show is recorded by the cast on an ABC Classic CD "Ballads of the Pleasant Life". Multiple still digital images, extensive reviews from past performances (Limelight Magazine, Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Arts Review and other such newspapers), marketing copy, digital assets and promo footage.

Community Engagement

This show is a highly nostalgic trip for many people who remember turbulent times during the war, and the great music from that period. Informative historical content performed in a lighthearted manner that audiences have embraced with great joy. The cultural legacy of this tour will be the sharing of song and knowledge about some of Germany's greatest but almost forgotten music of the golden Weimar period.