Three-time Barry Award nominee, Damian Callinan, and his trusty partner-in-wine, Paul Calleja, join forces as the self-styled sommeliers of comedy: ‘The Wine Bluffs’. If judging the Fruit Wine Section at the Rockhampton Show is not testament to their standing in the Australian wine industry then their Famous Australian Wine Series is - even if the Malcolm Turnbull Shiraz didn’t deliver on it’s potential. The Wine Bluffs take the audience through an interactive masterclass identifying the biggest "Wine Wanker" along the way: if you have a Winestate subscription and a Vintec fridge set on two temperatures, it’s probably you. Callinan’s ability to read wine auras is revolutionising the wine industry, as is Calleja’s ‘creative’ gift for pairing food to wine (Tempranillo & Chiko Roll anyone?); seeing them demand everywhere from Jacques Raymond to Hungry Jacks. Once the audience is deemed ready they then take the audience on a virtual wine bus tour where they can put all they have learnt into practice. From an audacious experiment at the Yarra Valley Grape Grazing Festival 2014, the show has enjoyed sell outs at Adelaide, Melbourne & Perth Fringes and attracted invites to the Barossa Valley Vintage Festival, Beauvine Festival in Perth, and numerous corporate entertainment bookings .

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

Show involves consumption of alcohol by performers and an audience member, appropriate licenses required. Show should be billed as 18+ Show involves spillage of liquid on the stage.


STAGING Area of 3m x 3m minimum is ideal. Doesn’t need to be raised stage. Stage treads if raised stage Area of flat re-enforced wall with good visibility for entire audience (stage flats not appropriate)

TECHNICAL PA with ability for playback required In most spaces amplification will also be required: 2x radio Headmic systems 1x wired mic with long lead (10m+) or wireless handheld

Hey Boss is an award-winning production and management company owned and operated by Adelaide-based Peta Spurling-Brown. Working with some of the most exciting theatre, music, and comedy shows in the global fringe circuit, Hey Boss shows have seen box office success, critical acclaim and awards at Adelaide Fringe, FRINGE WORLD (Perth), Melbourne International Comedy Festival (to name a few); and tours to Switzerland, Finland, Korea, the UK, and throughout Australia. Hey Boss is focused on fostering sustainable careers for its artists and extending the reach of their work. We are currently interested in building direct touring opportunities and cross-industry relationships with commercial or artistic outcomes.

SELECTED AWARDS: 2016 WINNER: Adelaide Fringe Best Music Show: Jamie MacDowell & Tom Thum NOMINEE: FRINGE WORLD (Perth) Editor’s Choice The Merger - Damian Callinan

2017 WINNER: FRINGE WORLD Best Comedy Show: Butt Kapinski SHORTLISTED: FRINGE WORLD Best Cabaret Show: Shirley Gnome: Taking It Up The Notch NOMINEE: FRINGE WORLD Best Music Show: Jamie MacDowell & Tom Thum NOMINEE: Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Golden Gibbo Award: Double Denim

2018 WINNER: Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Directors’ Choice Award: Double Denim Adventure Show WINNER: Sydney Comedy Festival, Best Newcomer: Double Denim NOMINEE: FRINGE WORLD Best Comedy Show: Swing Man – Damian Callinan

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Unique Selling Point

The show concept is very simple to grasp: it’s a comedy show, about wine. We’ve found this plays extremely well with audiences all over Australia. Damian’s profile also helps to sell the show. We’ve had a lot of success with partnering with wineries, using their networks to extend the reach of the show, and offer additional experiences attached to the show (i.e. a pre-show wine tasting).

Marketing Materials

Marketing copy, printed material templates, promotional images, template press release, promotional video footage, winery partnership example proposal, existing email and social media databases.

Community Engagement

Alignment with local wineries or wine industry allow for a variety of community engagement activities. Previously local wineries have conducted pre-show wine tastings or post-show shared meals which the performers attend and mingle with the attending audience. As an additional premium offering, we can do a bus tour version of the show, which is a bespoke experience that works with local cellar doors.