Sopranos must die, it's the rules of opera. An A-Z cliff-notes to operatic demise, with props, costumes, an impressive set of pipes and a higher death toll than a Jean Claude Van Damme film. Catering to the Opera-Curious and the seasoned Operaphile. Appreciation of opera not required.

‘I don’t like opera but I LOVED Death By Soprano’ A Punter

'Delightful' Richard Watts

Death By Soprano satirically catalogues operatic death scenes in an A-Z, cabaret romp through Operatic Occupational Hazards.

The show is created specifically for 'non-opera' demographics, particularly comedy, cabaret and festival audiences but also caters for lovers of classical music.

Utilising slapstick, absurdism, dark-clowning, a healthy dose of prop-humour and the operatic voice, Death By Soprano portrays the final moments in the lives of operatic heroines.

Death By Soprano is a cabaret work and accompanying photographic exhibition. The project is created with a great love of opera, although it also embraces a loving irreverence for her occasionally over-inflated ego. We occasionally describe it as an act of 'Sacred Cow-Tipping'.

'Interested in Opera but not sure you could sit through several hours of a foreign language? Then this is the show for you! **** 4 Stars.' Adelaide Theatre Guide

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party

Death By Soprano requires grid access to hang 4 small rigging systems: 2 x bucket drops, 2 x ‘fly systems’. (Max 5kg load - no live loads)

In-Brief Lighting Requirements Lighting design is simple: 6 specials, general wash, front and back lighting. Approx: 12 parcans, 4 x profiles, 6 x MR16, 4 x phrenal

Audio Requirements 2 channel desk: laptop playback and PA 1 x headset mic: Shure SM35 or equivalent

Visual Requirements Projector and screen required. Company can provide by arrangement.

Fly system: If possible - our touring system can be rigged to over stage lighting bars. (Max 5kg load.) Effects Required? Hazer, mirror ball. Piano Required. Tuned to Concert Pitch. Grand preferred, upright acceptable.

Death By Soprano uses confetti. Electrics used: Standing lamp, Fan Tested & tagged. Naked Flame: One Candle placed on a table, lit for approx. 10 minutes. Prop Gun: obvious prop. Locked away between shows.

Isabel Hertaeg's work has been described as ‘The Rarest of things... Theatre that mattered’ Arts Hub, ‘Radical, transgressive chic’ Guardian, UK. Isabel has worked in theatre, opera, independent film, community radio and television. She is also a freelance writer, published in New Matilda. ‘Gutsy and Likeable’ Cameron Woodhead – The Age.

Death By Soprano enjoyed sell-out seasons at various festivals and is delighted to be touring with the support of Regional Arts Victoria in 2016. Death by Soprano is created especially for 'non-opera' audiences. This is a passion of Hertaeg’s featuring through her work; most notably in Opera in the Air.

Isabel’s works have been listed as 'Adelaide Fringe Top 3 Shows' Adelaide Magazine, 'Best Bets of the Melbourne Fringe' The Age, 'A truly original, delightful, accomplished show' The Scotsman and 'Hot Pick' ABC Classic FM's Limelight Magazine.,‘Musical Genius’ Arts Hub; ‘Her Vocals, Out of this world... Hertaeg is amazing, as she projects a voice better than any I’ve heard this [Edinburgh] festival. I loved it.’ ScotsGay; ‘Isabel Hertaeg is a talented, charismatic lady with an impressive vocal range’ The Scotsman and ‘Her trained soprano shines when she tackles German Art Song’ The Mercury, Hobart. ‘An undeniably fine singer’ Tim Richards, The Age.

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Unique Selling Point

'Interested in Opera but not sure you could sit through several hours of a foreign language? Then this is the show for you! **** 4 Stars.' Adelaide Theatre Guide

Death By Soprano is a show created for the 'opera-curious'. Our target audiences are festival audiences; comedy, cabaret, theatre and music theatre lovers as well as die-hard classical music aficionados.

Death By Soprano is educational by nature and appeals to high school music students.

Marketing Materials

Marketing Package Included: Generic press release, company bios, hi-res production and marketing images, poster and flyer templates, production video, a radio advertisement.

Marketing Links: Dropbox containing examples of a poster, press release, images, radio add and marketing strategy.

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Community Engagement

The show lends itself towards educational purposes and is suitable for secondary school students. Educational and community workshops in music, drama and photography are available as accompaniments to the performance and exhibition.