Contemporary Jazz was birthed from the Atlantic slave trade that brought nearly 400,000 Africans to North America. Traditional rhythms and melodies combined with European American musical parentage to create what we now know as Jazz. However, due to a different form of migration to a very different environment, Australia is now witnessing the emergence of a unique sound that encompasses the original rhythmic African descendants of Jazz with contemporary styles, but in an Australian setting. The Senegambian Jazz Band demonstrates this new sound.

The Senegambian Jazz Band (TSJB) incorporates traditional rhythms and scales from across Africa with contemporary jazz syncopation and improvisation. TSJB heralds world renowned and internationally touring musicians, legends in their homelands and descendants of a long line of musical griots, alongside highly trained Australian-born Jazz musicians. The band’s front man, Amadou Suso is an internationally touring Kora virtuoso. He is a direct line descendant of the first ever Kora player who lived 760 years ago, with the original Kora remaining in the family and has been referred to as the Jimi Hendrix of the Kora.

The production will feature one or two sets (optional), followed by interactive workshops, highlighting the nation’s role in championing a new international sound.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Outdoor
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

This is a very flexible music production. Can perform outdoors or in small and unusual spaces. Content is suitable for all ages though workshops would be focused at those aged between 16-55 years old. Basic requirements for the show is a PA, mixing desk and microphones.

Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV) has evolved over four decades into one of Australia’s most important bodies for the discovery, development and promotion of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) contemporary art, heritage and cultural expression. Over 1 million participants are engaged in our program which includes long-term initiatives for career development and creative capacity building for over 2,000 artists and 500 communities from diverse and emerging backgrounds. The organisation also offers expertise in audience development, community engagement and artistic excellence with CALD communities.

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Unique Selling Point

Aside from the astoundingly talented and intriguing front-man Amadou Suso the band is comprised of a collection of world class musicians. Boubacar Gaye, from Senegal, on the djembe and congas, and Julius Sackey, from Ghana, on drum kit. Linking in on bass is mainstay of the international Ethio-music scene, Yoseph Bekele. Add to the mix the soulful strains of Australian-born Tom Benson on sax and the slicing electric guitar solos of Luke Koszanski and you have a truly multicultural music experience. Here audiences have a unique opportunity to interact and learn stories and music traditions from across the globe.

Marketing Materials

Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV) has a competent, full time team dedicated to our marketing, design and publicity. As the auspicing body, MAV would lend these invaluable resources to the production.

The artists & production team will use existing networks with community and resource & settlement centres to link with the culturally and linguistically diverse communities in the local areas.

The artists, in partnership with MAV will apply for additional funding for an extensive marketing campaign that will include paid advertising on local media platforms, including print and radio.

A video and hi-res photos will be made available.

Community Engagement

On the most basic level the community would benefit from seeing this show by seeing the potential in cross-cultural collaboration and in being exposed to the exciting new sonic landscape being traversed in our country. Workshops and master classes would be valuable to musicians and students through the introduction of new instruments and musical styles. Conversations around the musician's journeys have the potential to inspire members of CALD communities. The production also holds the potential to spark new and exciting collaborations within the Queensland communities where the performance takes place.