A collaboration between a contemporary dancer and a rock musician, Depthless is an often funny, powerful and abstracted battle between the sexes. In it Kate Harman and Ben Ely twist the relationship between two humans into many strands. For centuries, the muse has been trapped by the artist, needing her (yes, usually her) to stay put and constricted and not become herself. In Depthless the muse surfaces and readdresses the balance. What happens when the stage is shared?  The work begins like a live music show where the backup dancer rebels against her confinement as a decoration to the beautiful songs. It ends as a meditation on who we are, how we connect, and the many ways we fail to.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
C, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

This show features very loud effects.

URL: www.thefarm.company Based on the Gold Coast with roots in Berlin, The Farm is an international network of highly respected artists, ranging from choreographers and independent dancers to musicians and designers. The artistic direction of the company is led by Gavin Webber and Grayson Millwood who have been making work together for the past fifteen years across four continents. THE FARM works out of Queensland but retains and builds on its national and international pedigree and touring record. Touring highlights include, Venice Biennale, Tanzplattform (Germany), Barbican Theatre, Europe, Canada and Australia.

The Farm is driven by a desire to connect to anyone, from dance and theatre virgins to aficionados and professionals. Often described as cinematic, our work is based on universal subjects and themes that matter. Finally and perhaps most importantly, The Farm create contemporary performances that transcend expectations of what dance can be and how and where it should be viewed.

Unique Selling Point

Depthless allows music fans an introduction into the world of contemporary dance through the music of Ben Ely and Kate Harman representing the subject of his beautiful folk songs.

Marketing Materials

We have a suite of photos that are available, as well as a full documentation of the work which can be edited down to a promo clip. We have also edited a short which is available for use.

Community Engagement

We have a suite of contemporary dance workshops that focus on partnering and technique that can be incorporated into the tour, as well as a Girls Rock workshop, exploring themes from the show.