Secret desires are hung out for all to enjoy in this immersive theatrical installation.

DIRTY LAUNDRY is a large performative installation in the vein of The Good Room’s previous work These Frozen Moments (2017). An anonymous submission process culminates in a large visual installation of dirty laundry. In the Dark Gallery space vintage bedsheets, socks and towels, are emblazoned with declarations of desire. Studded with an audio landscape of fuller, more complete stories amidst a space that is awash in hook-up beats.

This is an adults-only work that can be engaged with from 2 minutes to 20.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party
1 - 2
  • Installation involves 18+ content (sexually explicit)
  • Exhibition space needs to have the capacity to rig multiple washing lines
  • Exhibition space needs to have suitable lighting and sound rig
  • Presenter to provide access to steamer/s
  • The Good Room will provide 1-2 creatives for install, and to liaise with the Presenter
  • The Presenter will be required to "run" the exhibition
  • This project has additional engagement scope (local submissions printed/installed) - and can be budgeted separate to this touring budget
  • Length of exhbition to be at Presenter discretion - however highly recommend venue to have 1 x FOH/Usher for the duration

The Good Room is a Queensland-based performance collective who use the anonymous experiences of ordinary people to create extraordinary theatre works.

We ask you – and people just like you – to anonymously share with us fragments and memories, confessions and admissions from your lives, as part of a process that blurs the line between ‘audience’ and ‘maker’ to play with the idea of theatrical collective authorship.

Ours is an investigation of empathy, connectedness, stakes and sacrifice. This expresses itself in an aesthetic world that is both dark and light matter; a dichotomy of spectacle and depth. Mirrorballs, rose petals, panda suits and party dresses stud our theatrical universe but totems of party, play and celebration are often subverted; this is richly affirmative, highly contemporary, and widely accessible theatre – underpinned by rigour, ethics, and deep consideration.

The Good Room is comprised of an ensemble of diverse makers with practices that span film through visual art. We are Lauren Clelland, Daniel Evans, Amy Ingram and Tara Hobbs

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

As we re-emerge from isolation, this project can be capped to ensure safe social distancing but quite apart from legislated distancing, this is a way to “normalize” and “re-facilitate” people back into the world via a tongue-in-cheek exhibition that honours the awkwardness of being alone, the strangeness of isolated desire and aims to reduce feelings of Otherness as we re-acquaint ourselves with the world ... and each other..

Dirty Laundry can be programmed as a double-bill with (You Don't Need To Put On Your) Red Light. These companion pieces provide opportunity for live performances, by local community (ie late night readings)

Marketing Materials

  • Hero Images
  • Social Media Campaign including sneak peaks of anonymous submissions
  • Archival Imagery
  • Show Copy
  • Artist Bios & Headshots

Community Engagement

In each new location Dirty Laundry will launch a “Dirty Weekend” encouraging the local community to submit their very own anonymous secret desires on a specifically built website

Those who visit the exhibition will also have the opportunity to write their own submissions to be displayed on a confessional wall in the exhibition space.