Breathtaking dance, a captivating narrative bringing to life the spirit of home with spellbinding score by Elena Kats Chernin

DOMUS is a reflection on the lives of two talented and respected female artists living and working in Australia. Award winning choreographer Paulina Quinteros and internationally renowned composer Elena Kats-Chernin combine forces to produce a very personal journey through life as artists, women, wives and mothers. DOMUS, meaning home in latin is, is focused around the place where the lives of these artists unfold, the home. For DOMUS the home will be the centre piece of the show onstage. Sometimes that home will vibrate with the energy of artistic creation, sometimes that home will be a source of frustration as the tension between the selfless mother and the driven artist collide. DOMUS is full of warmth, empathy, love and life.

DOMUS will feature the music of Elena Kats-Chernin, both exisiting works and music that will be written for this project.

Venue Format
Technical Rating
B, C
Touring Party

Depending on the dates for touring, Elena Kats-Chernin may be available to perform in the show. The show will require data projection of highest brightness to cover full Cyclorama width. The show will require the use of a dance floor as supplied by companies such Tarkett, Harlequin or Rosco

Danza del Arte was founded in 2016 as a non for profit dance company in Sydney Australia by Choreographer Paulina Quinteros, although professional and emerging artists have been congregating and working alongside Paulina for a lot longer.

Danza del Arte's La Choreografia premiered at The Seymour Centre, receiving the 2016 Sydney Fringe Festival award for Dance, and a glowing review by Jill Sykes in The Sydney Morning Herald.

Danza del Arte's new production 'DOMUS' (home in Latin) is a dance theatre work that speaks of female artist living in Contemporary Australia, as artists, and as ordinary women, with all of the demands and complications of day to day living.

It is a collaborative production amongst Australian artists of varied backgrounds, Composer Elena Kats-Chernin originally from Uzbekistan, Paulina Quinteros Chile, Set Designer Andrew Raymond Queensland, and Lighting Designer Toby Sewell Western Australia.

DOMUS presents an original music score by Composer Elena Kats-Chernin, with highly inventive set and lighting design, powerful choreography and a narrative that touches on current issues of gender equality and home.

DOMUS will be presented at The Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre in 2020 as part of their 30Th Anniversary performances, and in Sydney at The Seymour Centre in August 2019

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Unique Selling Point

DOMUS is a timely work as the world's attention is being drawn with the collective awareness of women in our society. DOMUS strives to illustrate how women may loose themselves, sacrificing their own ambition, goals and dreams to the immediacy of the domestic environment. This work is about two women who balance this tension and maintain their own identity as artists and create new work.

DOMUS will appeal to audiences, particularly women, who have similar life experiences. It will be a mirror to the men in the audience so they may see their partners differently and it will be inspirational.

Marketing Materials

Resources available:

  • Past production reviews
  • Quality (High definition) general Marketing and Performance photos
  • General company 'Sizzle Reel' video in HD format

As part of the Creative Development and creative process the following materials would be created:

  • Production specific video promo
  • Production specific poster and handbill templates

Post 2019 Premiere Sydney Season:

  • Production specific video & Promo
  • Production Specific stills
  • Press reviews -Production specific programme copy.

Community Engagement

Community engagement activities that are possible:

  • Schools matinee with associated Question and Answer session. This can provide a good platform to discuss the role of women inside and outside the home particularly with teenagers, to challenge some preconceived ideas.
  • Opportunities for local dance students to undertake master class with the Danza del Arte cast and artistic director.
  • Materials aligned to QLD high school Syllabus in the performing arts