Two girls, one fabric. A kid's party for grown-ups.

Double Denim is a kid’s party for grown ups. Michelle Brasier (Aunty Donna’s 1999) and Laura Frew welcome you into their 90s-themed party in honour of their very special guests - the king and queen of denim attire - Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake!

But, oh no! Michelle forgot to send the invitations and no one got the dress code memo. Are the audience even here for the party or did they buy a ticket to a comedy show thinking they were going to getting witty observational comedy delivered by a face off the telly?!

Never fear, Michelle and Laura gift you an hour of high-energy silliness, party games, sketches and sing-alongs. Along the way they get to know the audience, and the audience get to know them… a little too well.

Double Denim conjures up all the joy and angst of your teen years with none of the innocence. Quintessentially Gen Y in its themes and delivery, this award-winning show allows us to do what many have wished for; revisit our youth with the wisdom of age.

Will there be Shania Twain? The answer is yes.

Venue Format
Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
B, D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

SHOW WARNINGS: Liquids are spilled on the stage | Audience members are invited on stage | Adult content - sexual references, alcohol consumption |

SOUND: In-house sound system to accommodate laptop input for playback | 2x radio Head mic systems with belt packs | 1x radio mic on stand (or long lead 10m+) | Foldback speakers (preferred) | If light and sound positions are separated we require additional operator |

LIGHTING: Any basic in-house system | Basic whole stage wash – Profiles and LEDs | Full blackout preferred | House lights need to be operated from the sound/lighting desk |

PROPS REQUIRED FROM VENUE: 2 x folding chairs (if unavailable any light weight chairs) | A small table (similar to a card table) | 1 x Wine glass | 1 x Water glass | 1 x Bottle or jug of water |

STAGING: Some masking required | Stage treads if raised stage |

Hey Boss is an award-winning production and management company owned and operated by Adelaide-based Peta Spurling-Brown. Working with some of the most exciting theatre, music, and comedy shows in the global fringe circuit, Hey Boss shows have seen box office success, critical acclaim and awards at Adelaide Fringe, FRINGE WORLD (Perth), Melbourne International Comedy Festival (to name a few); and tours to Switzerland, Finland, Korea, the UK, and throughout Australia. Hey Boss is focused on fostering sustainable careers for its artists and extending the reach of their work. We are currently interested in building direct touring opportunities and cross-industry relationships with commercial or artistic outcomes.

SELECTED AWARDS: 2016 WINNER: Adelaide Fringe Best Music Show: Jamie MacDowell & Tom Thum NOMINEE: FRINGE WORLD (Perth) Editor’s Choice The Merger - Damian Callinan

2017 WINNER: FRINGE WORLD Best Comedy Show: Butt Kapinski SHORTLISTED: FRINGE WORLD Best Cabaret Show: Shirley Gnome: Taking It Up The Notch NOMINEE: FRINGE WORLD Best Music Show: Jamie MacDowell & Tom Thum NOMINEE: Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Golden Gibbo Award: Double Denim

2018 WINNER: Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Directors’ Choice Award: Double Denim Adventure Show WINNER: Sydney Comedy Festival, Best Newcomer: Double Denim NOMINEE: FRINGE WORLD Best Comedy Show: Swing Man – Damian Callinan

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Unique Selling Point

Double Denim is an hour of absurd, nostalgia-filled immersive sketch comedy exploring growing-up and friendship. The duo have a way of holding up a mirror to the Gen Y experience; a generation that have seen a world transition from relative innocence to global-interconnectedness, and obsession with technology and celebrity; and an ever-increasing disconnection from the generations above. Woven cleverly into silly skits, absurd audience games and plenty of 90s hits, Double Denim explores the frantic inner-workings of a generation trying to make sense of a changing world – in short, they’re not afraid to say what we’re all thinking.

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