The word 'Entropy' is defined as "a lack of predictability"... Elegant by nature, sophisticated in style, 'Entropy' explores what happens to regular circus acts when additional factors are introduced. Bodies entangled in rope are pushed off balance and props stolen mid-trick, water spilt and apples split. There is a sense of play, keeping audiences enthralled by the peeling of apples and breathtaking acrobatics equally.

Dynamic and powerful, these acrobats show an incredible level of physical prowess whilst maintaining femininity. They perform awe-inspiring lifts and balances with apparent ease, defying their lithe physiques. A distinctive element threaded through the show is a white rope. Continually moving to entrap bodies and dictate movement, providing balance from afar as well as pulling traditional acrobatics off-center, the flow and style of this work is reminiscent of contemporary dance.

Delving into the absurd, these fiery female acrobats entwine their skills and bodies to create a world where gravity doesn’t always pull downwards. These world class women show an extraordinary level of individual vulnerability and care for one another, demonstrating genuine connections. It is evidently a show created by women, but it is not about them, and their gender is not the crux of the show.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
C, D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party
5 (4 performers, 1 technician)

2016 Gasworks Circus Showdown Winners, TEOC Circus bring their unique dialogue of movement and circus to life with a fluid sense of chaotic choreography. The cast has an inimitable sassy style and with their collective skill set are dauntlessly breaking all the rules. The TEOC artists strive to be the best of themselves individually and there is no suggestion of gender comparison. Setting this work apart from other all-female circus shows, the ensemble demonstrates incredible physical strength whilst maintaining femininity. Showcasing a high skill level, these young women take on all roles with elegance, power and beauty.

EmmaSerjeantPerformance - 'amazing humans’ ESP works with talented humans to present extremely unique physical performances. A production house that extends the definition of dance, circus and physical theatre by creating hybrid performances. Performances in the ESP repertoire draw on different physical styles and training methods. Using the incredible physical abilities of her artists to tell story and to develop relationship, making work from the heart of the performers and connecting Australian artists to the international stage. View for more info.

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Unique Selling Point

One of very few all-female acrobatic troupes, TEOC is inspiring a shift in the way feminism is perceived. With world class skills and a unique performance style, we are encouraging audiences to overcome stereotypes of women in circus and modern culture. Achieved by subverting expectation and not displaying our empowerment through sex appeal or anti-patriarchal statement, we simply introduce spectators to female performers who can execute high-level acrobatics creatively. 'Entropy' is an important show in a crucial time, and with it we will change attitudes around gender equality and create connections to real life positive role models.

Marketing Materials

  • The major selling point of Entropy is our relatability as female role models. By performing skills that are traditionally performed by men, we demonstrate our power as individuals and as an ensemble. Our stand point as feminists is to act as equals, not to draw gender comparisons or preach anti-patricialism.

  • The overwhelming audience feedback is that Entropy is empowering for women and inspiring for all. Described as having "...feminine aesthetic without using sex as a selling point."

  • We recommend that presenters utilise our media quotes, awards and reviews. (high resolution photos) (awards, quotes and reviews)

Community Engagement

Entropy is a leading show in its genre and has started to open many important conversations around the topics of equality and feminism. TEOC has worked hard to gain a reputation as 'fourth wave feminists' - women who do not obtrusively preach our beliefs. Instead, through our art we give the opportunity for growth, awareness and shifts in perspective as individuals and as a community.

Q and A sessions/post show discussions - A great way to help break down stereotypes. As we are an all-female ensemble in a feminist time, being able to engage and discuss with our audiences what Entropy means to us, to them, and the social impact is an important process that we are devoted to.

Workshops - We are able to run basic workshops in the venue (or nearby) as a way to familiarise audiences with circus. Time permitting, we can take a group through a variety of workshops and even how to create a small piece of contemporary circus. Alternatively we are able to offer an ‘introduction to circus’.
 Please note that workshops can be tailored to suit different needs, age groups and abilities.

We are also open to creating relationships with communities in areas post tour.