Untold stories of multicultural Australia, told in the words of descendants of early multicultural pioneers, the first installment being the history of one Mongolian immigrant Dan Hawkes (adopted name), and his contribution to the local community in the 1850 in Rockhampton QLD, and the family lineage that remains in Rockhampton today, told by his great, great grandson. This unique histrocal and artistic presentation includes a visual presentation with spoken word and music by the Australian multicultural music group Equus, as well as traditional Mongolian dance. Featuring the stunning artistry and musicianship of MONGOLIAN Horse Fiddle player and throat singer Bukhu, as well as the stunning Mongolian dance of Amraa - both graduates of Mongolia's National Academy of Music and Dance. From evocative ballads to high energy tunes and improvisations, from Mongolian folk songs to original pieces composed for this project. It is exciting, pulsing, invigorating music and dance, as well a fascinating history of multicultural Australia. We are working on a podcast as the first part of the project and to develop the concept further and will be ready to tour a live presentation in 2019.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

Equus live is a unique opportunity, particularly for regional areas for Queensland, to see and hear the rare and unique singing style of Mongolia, known as "Khuumi", this ethereal, harmonic singing technique is unique to Mongolia and blended with mixture of traditional and contemporary music that Equus bring makes this a memorable live music experience.

Equus' unique blend of instruments and musical traditions, and its curiosity and delight in smashing boundaries has seen it become a festival hit from National Folk Canberra, Fairbridge WA, Blue Mts Music Festival to name but a few. Expect songs and epic tales from Mongolian mythology recast into a contemporary setting that is born from a deep respect and knowledge of traditional musical sources. Expect middle eastern and turkish flavours - expect even a swing jazz standard or two!! Since forming in Early 2013, Equus have wowed audiences with their unique sound at the National Folk Festival, Blue Mountains Music Festival, Parramasala Festival, Woodford folk Festival, Australia Day Darling Harbour. Viva La Gong, the Fairbridge Festival in WA, and Denmark Festival of Voice, to name a few, as well as Sydney's world music and jazz venues. "This is pure musical pleasure, exciting, fun and challenging, all at once." Music Forum magazine. This music is about meetings, of people and traditions, and of musics. EQUUS is a bold, imaginative music project that succeeds in the formation of an entirely new sound. These are the traditional songs of Mongolia played as you have never heard them before, plus new unique world music fusion pieces.

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Unique Selling Point

Audience quotes from past Equus performances :

"Thank you so much for this unique and wonderful experience! I really liked the mixture of your amazing musicality, the background information that you gave as well as the intercultural mix - all together drawing myself/the audience in to a highly focused, absorbing and thoroughly enjoyable listening experience. We hope to be able to be your audience or visit one of your workshops again soon!" Liz Nolte.

"We deeply enjoyed your performance at Yungaburra, north Queensland, last week. Magnificent musicianship by all of you." Drs. Clifford and Dawn Frith

Marketing Materials

We have some high quality promotional material and are working producing more in the coming months. For schools and educational institutions we can create an education package to help teachers and student prepare for a quality learning experience.

Community Engagement

Equus has been including workshops as part of our touring since we started, we offer workshops in Mongolian Harmonic Throat Singing, and Q and A sessions after our performances. These activities have proven popular at music festivals, and schools as many people are interested in hearing more about our unusual instruments, and Bukhu's amazing voice, Mongolian culture, and traditions.