Nancy Browne is having a garage sale. There will be treasure like you can’t imagine. Like you really can’t imagine. Hilarious, ridiculous and very touching, this is a fabulously unique Australian character. Eccentric and reclusive, Nancy has lived in the same house, the same valley all her life, but now the valley is changing — farms are being sold and city people with new ideas are moving in. The wider world has encroached and Nancy has to make sense of it. She also has to move house. Nancy delights the audience with show and tell, drawing out family stories from the items she is selling in her sale, as well as highlighting her own original take on the world. Directed by three-time Barry Award nominee Damian Callinan 'Everything Must Go' is a comedic and poignant portrayal of a misfit finding her way. Performed by character comedian and writer Rachel Leary, Nancy Browne wins the hearts of audiences with her unique analysis of life and its events and her endearing art-and-craft.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

infrequent low level coarse language.

Rachel Leary is an independent theatre maker, character comedian, performer and writer. Her first solo show 'Everything Must Go’ directed by Damian Callinan premiered at La Mama Theatre in 2011 and in 2013 toured thirty venues in regional Victoria. The tour was very successful, the audience response overwhelmingly positive. In 2015 it will tour another six regional Victorian venues.

Rachel is a professional performer who over the last ten years has provided entertainment to festivals and functions throughout Victoria and around Australia. In 2008 Rachel created the funny and endearing character ‘Nancy Browne’ who proved very popular in Melbourne comedy rooms and was a RAW comedy state finalist. She is accomplished in character comedy, improvisation, physical comedy and clowning. Her writing has appeared in publications such as: Southerly, Island, Forty Degrees South Short Story Anthology, and Allnighter. She has won awards for short fiction and was commended in The Age Short Story Competition 2011. In 2014 she received a mentorship from the Australian Society of Authors.

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Unique Selling Point

‘Everything Must Go’ is a show set in a regional context, where the main character is a woman living regionally. It explores themes that are familiar to people living rurally and in small and large towns and has great appeal for a regional audience. It is technically able to be adapted to a range of spaces. A unique aspect of the show is that it takes the form of a garage sale. The show can be sold as a night out for the whole family as it is suitable for, and enjoyed by, children over eight (there is one instance of course language). It could also be marketed to schools and contains themes relevant for classroom discussion—there are two workshops available to compliment the show.The hero image used for the poster had been shown to have good appeal:Poster - "I remarked to Rachel that I think the 'Hero' image for this production is a good example of how the right image can clearly evoke a good sense of the show for potential audiences. I think it's an excellent image, which provides a good "feel" for Nancy's personality, and when linked to the descriptive text, conveys a really good insight into the show."2013 Tour feedback, Portland Arts CentreThe director, Damian Callinan is a well-known comedian and there are good reviews of the show including a quote from Frank Woodley. The show is very funny, its comedic nature being a selling point which is demonstrated in the youtube videos available. As well as youtube links, there are flyers and posters available, a facebook page and high res production shots. Rachel will be available for interviews with local media. There is also short behind the scenes interview available. Broadcast quality footage is available. There will also be a blog created and maintained as part of the tour which will document the show and the tour.

Community Engagement

Workshops: • ‘Creating character’. A 2 hr performance workshop in which participants explore ways of devising character using physicality as well as developing character and writing for character. • ‘Clown and Physical Comedy’. A 2 hr performance workshop introducing participants to clown, to the art of stupidity. The focus is on ‘play’, on the performers finding their sense of fun, spontaneity and enjoyment.

Nancy Browne is a character that people relate to – audience members comment on how much she reminds them of a relative or someone they know or have known. Regional audiences engage with the Australiana with in the show – the many objects that are familiar to them, that have been so present in their lives, that evoke stories and memories, the audience sitting and discussing props they can sit as they come in and wait for the show to begin: ‘I had one of those… my Mum has one of those… we have one of those in our shed… I just threw out one of those the other day.

‘I grew up on a farm and my Mum has recently passed away and the character Nancy reminded me of my Mum and how she hoarded things and became attached and sentimental about stuff we thought as kids was junk. It was both touching and hilarious.’ (2013, Audience Member, The Cube Wodonga)

For many people the story of the farm being sold, of having to move is a potent one, something they have experienced directly or indirectly. The humour appeals strongly to a regional audience, some of it being about day to day life in a regional area, about things they themselves have experienced or seen.

During after-show chats audience members told me stories that were triggered for them by the show. Suppers provided in halls after the show or snacks or a Q&A in a foyer can provide opportunity for this kind of engagement.

As part of the show there is some audience interaction, which is unthreatening and enjoyed.

There will be a blog that will document the tour.