More than Mime Theatre makes people say "Wow!'

More than Mime Theatre's roving acts are all original, one-of-a-kind creations. Our characters are highly engaging and entertaining characters, with strong theatrical story lines. We use a combination of mime and verbal storytelling, depending on the act and/or audience. We have over 50 acts including:

Stilt acts Living Statues Mime acts Fire Acts Illuminated acts

All our acts are designed and made by Frans Vogels (Winner World Championship Living Statues 2017) using unusual materials and techniques learnt in Europe. This makes them completely unique and unlike anything else in Australia. We also use LED and fibre optics in some of our acts, bringing cutting edge technology into roving entertainment.

Venue Format
Hall, Outdoor
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

Dressing room required

More than Mime Theatre is a distinctive, award winning, inventor of roving, stage & installation acts for events. With acts that surprise, intrigue & delight people, we bring the extraordinary into everyday life. More than Mime acts can be enjoyed by anyone willing to be transported to another world for just a moment. We believe in bringing theatre to people who don’t expect it, are not looking for it and who might not otherwise see it… making life more beautiful in this busy world. More than Mime have been crowd favourites for over 10 years at Woodford Festival and have performed at countless events all over the world including Commonwealth Games, G20 Cultural Program, Shenzen Fringe Festival, Macau Fringe Festival, Movie World & Seaworld, Singapore Museum, Taiwan Children's Festival, Big Names Living Statue Festival Slovakia, and various QLD agricultural shows.

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Unique Selling Point

More than Mime strives to affect people on an emotional level with performances that evoke an idea, a feeling, or a story rather than simply being decorative. All our acts are hand-made, original creations based on highly developed theatrical characters. Our performers are talented physical story tellers, skilled at improvisation and engaging all kinds of audiences.

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Community Engagement

Workshops in circus and mime.