Two giant Firefly puppets light up the night with their spellbinding aerial dance. Curious and gentle, they flicker and pulse searching the crowd for love, once paired the fireflies fly together in a synchronized luminous display.

The Fireflies “talk” to each other and the public through their interactive lighting and sound sequences. Lighting states are paired with upbeat and evocative soundscapes to give voice to the puppets. Just like a fly or mosquito flying past your ear, when you are close to the fireflies, you can hear their electronic buzz, clicks, and chatters.

The Firefly puppets are each operated by one puppeteer. They can change direction and pivot down to greet the people below them. Designed to explore tactile surfaces as well as fly, when they land high up on a ledge or in a tree, their legs extend so that they can stand and observe their surroundings.

Venue Format
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

Firefly Info:

Overhead Clearance 5m (performance area)

Puppet Height 2m (antenna to tail) / 4.2m (floor to antenna)


Location Covered and secure area

Floor space 4m x 6m

Ceiling Height 3m minimum

Access Doorway 80cm x 2m minimum (standard door)

Power 2 x 10 amp GPO (standard power points)

Amenities Running water / Toilets / 4 x chairs / seating

Set Up time 2 hours

Pack Down time 1.5 hours

the indirect Object creates immersive puppetry-based experiences in non-traditional spaces. Our projects range in scope from arts health residencies in secure dementia wards, live art object theatre, interpretive puzzle rooms, giant roving puppets, and exploratory workshops, to durational performances, and experimental installations. Our work is accessible, inclusive, and primarily family focused. We work with a team of collaborators to develop innovate, unique and responsive outcomes for international, interstate and community festivals, local government councils, state government agencies, schools, community groups, other arts companies, and are regular teaching artists with Footscray Community Arts Centre.

A Blanck Canvas is the creation of Melbourne artist, Joe Blanck who has been working full time as a professional artist for the last 15 years. Late in 2013 Joe decided to focus on his own studio and left his position as Head Scenic Artist at The Creature Technology Company, a world leading animatronic and creature workshop. In 2017, A Blanck Canvas created 'The Messenger' for White Night Melbourne, and designed and constructed the puppets for Victorian Opera's acclaimed production of 'The Sleeping Beauty'. Previous clients include: Cirque Du Soleil, Future Music Festival, ICC Cricket, Disney, Universal, Fat Yak, City of Melbourne and many more.

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Unique Selling Point

The Fireflies are some of the most sophisticated roving puppets in Australia:

• Powered by interactive technology

• Interactive and alive through individual gestures, blinking eyes, and moving legs

• Dynamic movement that brings public spaces to life

All Ages Appeal:

The Fireflies are gentle giants loved by all. Parents hold their babies up to fly with the fireflies, children reach out to shake their legs or touch their glowing bulbs, adults pose for photos and stroke their cheeks.

Brand New Production:

Fresh, unusual, and unlike any other roving puppetry performance in Australia, the Fireflies are something new for outdoor events.

Marketing Materials

Professional High Res Photographs:

Each performance of the Fireflies is documented by a professional photographer. We have a quality portfolio of day and night shots, that keeps growing!

Promotional Footage:

Each performance is filmed by an experience videographer, with promo footage for day and night events available on request.

Community Engagement

Queensland has the most firefly colonies in Australia, found from the Gold Coast to Cape York.

Firefly Community Lantern Workshop and Parade:

Imagine your local festival, park, or community space illuminated by hundreds of small firefly lanterns flying together with the giant Fireflies. The Firefly Community Lantern Workshop and Parade is an accessible, family event that engages communities as active participants. The Firefly Lanterns are created in community engagement workshop for children and families. The simple design uses 100% recycled materials and reusable lights.

Fireflies and the Environment:

Firefly colonies around the world are disappearing. Deforestation, light pollution, and toxins all contribute the environmental degradation that lead to decline of fireflies. While often overlooked, fireflies are a sign that your local forest, lake or wetlands is thriving.

Fireflies and folklore from around the world:

Fireflies are part of mythology and folklore in cultures on every inhabited continent. They have captured the imagination, and filled the night with wonder for millennia. They have been kept in transparent boxes as natural lanterns, revered as the souls of lost loved-ones, and used in rituals to attract love. Today in Mexico, farmers give firefly tours to save a forest from logging.