From one of Australia's most innovative young creators comes FIRST THINGS FIRST, a one-man dance cabaret featuring virtuosic dance and hilarious physical theatre.

First Things First is about first experiences, and the transition between the unfamiliar to the routine. Join Joseph Simons as he explores the art of 'getting used to it' with his signature wit, intricate choreography and astounding musicality.

Technical Rating
Touring Party
  • Includes pre-show experience. The audience are given supplies to make their own name tags, and mingle with the performer. If possible, audiences members are also encouraged to purchase drinks, and bring them into the theatre to watch the show.

  • While not designed for young children, this production contains no adult themes, coarse language, nudity or scary themes. Families are welcome.

Joseph Simons is one of Australia's most innovative artists in dance theatre. He is an independent choreographer, dancer, director, performer and now, producer.

Joseph was awarded the prestegeous 2013 Tanja Liedtke Fellowship*, allowing him to travel to Germany to continue his choreographic development. It was here that he began development for his current one-man show, First Things First.

As a performer, Joseph has danced for West Australian Ballet, Chunky Move, Lucy Guerin Inc, Jack Productions, Anything Is Valid Dance Theatre and Force Majuere. He has also worked on development projects with Australian Dance Theatre and DV8 Physical Theatre (London).

WINNER: 2013 Tanja Liedtke Fellowship

NOMNATED: Best Male Performer, 2012 Perth Fringe World Festival

WINNER: Outstanding Emerging Artist, 2009 West Australian Dance Awards

*awarded to one Australian choreographer biannually

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

  • Created and performed by 2013 Tanja Liedtke Fellow- Production began creation in Berlin, Germany- World premiere in New York, USAExisting social media campaign, including a video blog, that will continue throughout the tour, building anticipation, and giving an insight into the artists process.

Community Engagement

  • Includes pre-show experience. The audience are given supplies to make their own name tags, and mingle with the performer. The audience is encouraged to have a conversation with the performer, as well as meeting someone new from their own town.

  • Masterclasses are available to venues interested in extending the community involvement. Aimed at youth, masterclasses include contemporary dance technique, dance improvisation, and 'Performing Alone' - an exploration of solo performance. (See presenter pack for more details)