These demented divas will set off your triggers in this turmeric-infused satire of wellness and celebrity, with hilarious original songs.

#FirstWorldWhiteGirls: Spirit Animal is a one-hour, laugh-a-minute social satire featuring Tiffany and Madison, two over-privileged narcissists who worship at the altar of fame, wealth and social media. On top of that, they are (self-proclaimed) wellness gurus who are eating kale and living their truth - and they want you to live their truth too. As toxic as a Trump tweet and as outrageous as a Brazilian butt lift, these demented divas are guaranteed to set off all your triggers in this turmeric-infused cocktail of wellness coaching, killer original songs and should-I-laugh social commentary.

And beneath its light and fun appeal, the show also delivers serious commentary on the currently growing divide between the privileged and the disenfranchised, as well as a number of significant statements with respect to issues affecting women including body image and self-esteem.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party

Adult themes, occasional coarse language, suitable for 15 and up. Interval possible if community engagement activities are selected which feature pre-show performance by participants.

Since their sold-out debut in 2014, #FirstWorldWhiteGirls have been making audiences across Australia squirm with delight with their hilariously narcissistic brand of slick comedy and catchy vocals. Over the last five years, they have gained a reputation for their entertaining, outrageous and high-quality performances. Their shows feature biting social satire, targeting current trends and topics with razor sharp wit. #FirstWorldWhiteGirls are also known for their fantastic original songs and excellent vocals.

They have played to sold out audiences at Adelaide Fringe, Brisbane Comedy Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Mackay Festival, Ballarat Cabaret Festival and have toured across regional Queensland.

#FirstWorldWhiteGirls is the brainchild of Judy Hainsworth, one of Brisbane’s most dynamic performers and writers. Judy is a member of Matilda award-winning cabaret group Babushka and has featured in productions Happily Ever After, I Can Keep a Secret, Dead! and DOLL. Judy has also emceed for Women in Voice. Her theatre credits include productions for shake & stir, STC/La Boite, Good Room, Harvest Rain, Opera Queensland and Queensland Ballet. Judy has a Bachelor of Theatre Arts from USQ and a Master of Arts from UQ.

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

#FirstWorldWhiteGirls has a proven hook - the concept of "First World Problems" is very familiar to most people. The characters of Tiffany and Madison are universally recognisable - audiences from all areas and backgrounds know someone like these girls. In our PC world, audiences relish the chance to watch these outrageous twosome behaving so badly. The social satire is so sharp, and audiences love how it pokes fun at millennial culture, social media and wellness gurus. Audiences also enjoy the moments where the satire hits close to home and they can laugh at themselves.

Marketing Materials

Resources currently available are marketing copy (short, medium and long), high resolution hero image, high resolution production photos, DL flyer and A2 and A3 poster templates, promotional trailer, behind the scenes footage. #FirstWorldWhiteGirls are active on social media channels Facebook and Instagram which provide audience with opportunity to further engage with the show and the artists.

Community Engagement

We offer a range of activities, which can be tailored to the specific needs of each community.

Social media workshop (15+) 90 mins - strategies for using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to promote a business, build a brand and use your personal page in a safe, effective way.

Video-making for beginners (15+) 90 mins- tutorial on how to shoot and edit videos, on your phone or camera. For the wannabe Youtube star!

Make-up tutorial (15+) 90 mins- tips and tricks (contouring, false lashes), how to achieve different looks on a budget.

Creating comic characters (15+) 2 HOURS- covers the basics of clowning and creating original characters

Participants in the following have the opportunity to perform as a pre-show act:

Comedy Masterclass (15+) 2 HOURS- each participant gets to workshop a comic song or monologue with the artists

Pop Choir (all ages) 1 HOUR - learn to sing a pop song in harmony in a fun, relaxed environment

These activities use the touring party's existing talents to enrich the community's skills. Activities with performance outcomes afford participants a unique opportunity to perform in a professional context. All activities provide a close, supportive context where community members can connect with the performers and each other, develop skills and create lasting memories.