From the twisted minds that brought you #FirstWorldWhiteGirls: Botox Party! comes an even more scathing satire of first world entitlement - Thinner, Richer, Better.

In a post-Trump, post-Kardashian era, super privileged princesses Tiffany and Madison are your new demigods. Come worship at their cathedral of luxury and self-obsession, where these demented divas/lifestyle coaches/pug pimps are nailing their best life and living their truth. Now they want to help you live your - I mean, their - truth.

Learn the latest in beauty torture, including the best infection-free nail salons and how to achieve John Howard eyebrows. Tiffany will share her tips for internet trolling, slut maiming and how to stay skinny while pregnant.

Through Minchin-esque original songs, Tiffany and Madison will help you conquer your #FirstWorldProblems. How do I escape from a YouTube wormhole? Why is the kale always greener in someone else's smoothie? Is gluten a bigger threat that North Korea?

Prepare to laugh and squirm as #FirstWorldWhiteGirls hold up a grimy mirror to first world privilege.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party
4 - Judy Hainsworth, Meggan Hickey - Accompanist, Tour Manager/Tech Manager

Low-level coarse language, ideally suited to cabaret format, although not essential. A performance standard piano - grand or baby grand - or full electronic keyboard.

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Company Website

Unique Selling Point

It is an up-to-date topical satire, with original songs and a ready hook for audiences. It builds a loyal audience wherever it goes. It is supported by on-line video content [music clips, comedy snippets] which will commence rolling out in early 2018.

Marketing Materials

As this is an entirely new show, following on the heels of the successful production #FirstWorldWhiteGirls: Botox Party!, marketing collateral has not yet been developed, although a photo shoot has been completed. This show sells because of its readily-identifiable hook and its growing reputation for delivering a very high quality comedy product at a relatively low-cost.

Community Engagement

Workshops can be provided in drama and dance for community members, including youth.