Enter the world of Flaunt where a smoky haze, dazzling lights and myriad bodies surround you. Unleash your inner voyeur and witness virtuosic dancers performing above and around you, to a thrilling soundtrack. Claire’s work as a contemporary choreographer for the stage and screen comes to the fore in this new collaboration which takes the smoke, mirrors and glamour of night clubs and embeds it with a clever and insightful look at female sexuality and empowerment.

Venue Format
Theatre, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party
Six (4 performers, 1 creative, 1 crew)

15+ recommended Sexual themes A haze effect and strobe lighting are used in this production

A crew of 4 is required to assist with one element of the set for bump-in and out.


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Championing all contemporary art forms, the two core activities of the organisation are developing and co-presenting contemporary arts.

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Unique Selling Point

Claire Marshall is a powerful force in Queensland contemporary dance choreography both on the stage and the screen. She’s worked with Darren Hayes, Kate Miller-Heidke, Megan Washington, Little Birdie, The Sleepy Jackson, John Butler Trio, Powderfinger and Tycho Brahe. Claire has recently premiered her dance genre film, "Ward of State" in Brisbane and conversations are ongoing to present the film nationally and internationally. Claire is an inspiration to young women in particular and this work has a unique appeal for them. The set design, by Frances Hannaway, and stage design by Claire are a fascinating playground for the dancers.

Marketing Materials

This work has a suite of highly appealing images and an edited promo for use in social media, online platforms and foyer displays.

Madeleine Frame is a 'character' created by Claire Marshall specifically to help with social media marketing. Madeleine is a mannequin used for twitter/Instagram moments to promote the show, and in doing so, to make further commentary on the images of young women in social media.

Teachers notes will be available - this work has strong appeal particularly for upper high school dance students.

Community Engagement

The creative team are highly motivated to work with communities to run workshops, master classes and general classes. Conversations with presenters will be required to best ascertain the needs of each community. Working in with local dance schools is also an option. The team is also very keen to do further creative development and rehearsal on the piece as a Company in Residence in regional Queensland - to allow for more opportunities to engage locally.