It’s a dance theatre show for kids and adults that concentrates on the themes of Mary Shelley’s classic tale, not the plot. We conceived the work with disabled actor, Daniel Monks, who played the title role of Dr. Enstein. In our version it’s not the monster, but the doctor who feels alone, alienated and unloved, and he attempts to remedy this by creating hyper-abled bodied monsters.

Magical realism is heightened by magic tricks and stage illusions, that make our brilliant doctor appear capable of creating life. The kids will find it funny, but there is something in this for everyone. There is a lot more meat on the bone than is first apparent.

The show works on two levels at the same time, for the adults: Identity, diversity and power, for the kids: Stupid jokes, disco parties and a vacuum cleaning monster. For all of us, a tender tale between 2 people who need to connect with themselves before they can connect with each other.

*Daniel prefers to be described as a disabled actor

Venue Format
Theatre, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
B, C
Touring Party
7 pax

• Frank Enstein was commissioned and premiered at Bleach Festival (QLD), followed by a sold-out season in Perth with CO:3. • Both seasons sold exceptionally well with high-schools, and GP. • The Farm is based in the Gold Coast and is renowned internationally, having just completed an international tour with Cockfight. • In 2018, Cockfight will tour nationally, raising awareness of the company and their work. This could be leveraged by presenting Frank Enstein. • CO:3 is West Australia’s flagship contemporary dance company based in Perth, under artistic director Raewyn Hill (previous AD of Dance North). • CO:3 is rapidly gaining an outstanding reputation nationally. • The show is being reworked for touring to ensure flexibility and one-day bump-in. • Most suited to a black box theatre, with close proximity to the audience. • Frank Enstein will undergo a WA tour in 2018 following a Perth season at the State Theatre Centre of Western Australia.

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Unique Selling Point

Frank Enstein is a retelling of the classic tale with a twist – in our version it’s not the monster, but the doctor who feels alienated and unloved, pushing him to create hyper-abled bodies as a remedy to his burden.

Frank Enstein challenges the dominant perception of what a dancer’s body looks like, featuring diverse and disabled performers on stage, accentuating themes of self-acceptance and self-love. Unseen, unexpected and unapologetic, this work abandons stereotypes and reshapes expectations.

Infused with humour, virtuosic choreography and magic tricks, this highly-energetic work resonates with all audiences and deliver a story that is easy to understand.

Marketing Materials

  • A comprehensive marketing pack including marketing copy, high resolution images, promotional video and video interviews, advice on marketing strategies and audience development.

  • An education pack

  • Presenters will benefit from our 2018 Pilot Regional WA tour where social media strategies engaging younger audiences will be explored and refined.

  • Performing Lines will also provide new images and collaterals that can be used across all social media platforms, including concrete and practical marketing strategies that can be applied to national touring.

Community Engagement

Thoughtful and engaging, Frank Enstein challenges how we view others, and explores universal themes of self-acceptance and worthiness. Created to appeal to both young and old audiences, the show compels us to ponder on deeper themes including body image, bullying, physical abilities and ultimately self-acceptance.

Our community engagement strategies developed and implemented during the 2018 Regional Tour focus on attracting young audience, building relationship with disability organisations and nurturing communities to embrace inclusiveness.

By offering dance workshops with members of the cast, we want to break down the barriers and help a younger generation connect with contemporary dance, while encouraging them to join the conversations about tolerance and acceptance through our #UglyYouGottaLoveYourself social media campaign.

Performers will also be available to meet with local disability organisations to talk about their pathways and challenges to performing professionally, and how we can create change through practice. The more diversity we see on stage, the more normalised it becomes.