Theatre is dying. Garry is our only hope.

Garry Starr Performs Everything is the story of a disgraced actor who attempts to save theatre from it’s inevitable extinction by performing every genre imaginable.

Starr tears through artistic genres with little regard for personal safety and, arguably, less regard for art.

Disgraced actor Garry is going it alone. Following his recent dismissal from the Royal Shakespeare Company (was he ever really there?) he has decided that the performing arts are dying and he is just the man to save them. How will he do this? By performing every genre he can think of in the slightly misguided belief that this will somehow reignite people’s love for performing art and ultimately save theatre. What ensues is both a satirisation and celebration of many well-known genres (as well a few lesser known) with a mixture of downright stupidity and surprising skill.

Genres covered include Physical Theatre, Classical Theatre, Burlesque, Melodrama, Ballet, Farce, Butoh, Slapstick, Euro Theatre, Romantic Comedy, Tragedy, Mask, Cirque Nouveau, and Musical Theatre.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party

contains nudity

MILKE is a Melbourne based producing company. MILKE represents a variety of performers across Theatre, Comedy & Cabaret. The nature of our business is to focus on producing high quality work that can tour within Australia.

Since establishing in 2008, MILKE has creatively developed and produced major work for Sydney Opera House, Arts Centre Melbourne, Brisbane Festival, Brisbane Power House, Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Adelaide Fringe, City Of Melbourne, Darwin Festival, Melbourne International Arts Festival, Darebin City Council, Manningham City Council, Moreland City Council, Perth Fringe World, Ten Days on the Island, New Zealand International Comedy Festival, Melbourne Fringe Festival, & Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Touring is one of our key factor of MILKE to ensure that the life of our productions reach as many audience members as we can and in turn make the show and artists more sustainable

Previous works have also toured to regional Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia and New Zealand.

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Unique Selling Point

Garry Starr Performs Everything will appeal to audiences (aged 16+) who enjoy:

Physical comedy/clown with plenty of audience interaction Absurd comedy like Monty Python, Blackadder or The Mighty Boosh Silly shows by the likes of Spymonkey, Peepolykus or Told By An Idiot Films with Sacha Baron Cohen or Will Ferrell Poking fun at high-art Anyone studying theatre or performing arts (16-25yrs) Comedy audiences (30-45yrs) Shakespeare and Pinter experts, fans and aficionados

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NOMINEE Golden Gibbo, Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2018 Best Newcomer, Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2018 Comedy Award, Brighton Fringe 2018

WINNER Emerging Artist, Adelaide Fringe Weekly Award 2018 NZ Fringe Tour Ready Award 2018 Otherplace/Balkan Award, Brighton Fringe 2018

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