Two brilliant, discordant young minds and the decade behind them.

A religious girl and a not-so-religious boy, Izzy and Paul spent a childhood intertwined; enamoured by the universe above them and spurred by an insatiable intrigue for that world beyond their own. Two brilliant, dissonant minds in rural Australia, life inevitably draws them in separate directions until a decade later, when the death of Paul’s mother draws them home.

Genesis is an intimate exploration of a decade in the life of two discordant young minds, navigated by the canopy of the night sky. Weaving in and out of time and accompanied by an original soundtrack, bear witness to the moments that shape, break and make them; interrogating concepts of family, home, and compromise.

Venue Format
Theatre, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party

The performance contains reference to abortion, underage drinking, and very rare use of coarse language.

Strike A Match is a new company dedicated to origin and development of original Australian theatre. Their producers have worked in a variety of roles in the independent and professional industries on festivals, tours and forums. They are impassioned by working directly with creators to bring their work from page to stage and beyond.

Unique Selling Point

How do we reconnect without connection?

Genesis calmly grounds two divided souls in shared fascination, igniting discussion along increasingly divisive ideological lines, but creating an intimate space for conversation between the political and philosophical in a way that elicits both empathy and connection.

The work is unashamedly rural, young and grounded in a shared wonderment. An intersectional celebration of science and faith, fact and fiction, childhood and adulthood.

Marketing Materials

Published play. English syllabus education pack. Hi-Rez hero image set. Production stills. Portfolio of reviews. Digital campaign archive. An original soundscape by Fin Taylor. Archival footage.

Community Engagement

School Engagement Developed in collaboration with Ms. Sarah Reiber, the head of English at Mt St Bernard College in Herberton. The work program will revolve around an analysis of the text and character paired alongside “Jasper Jones”. It is currently being rolled out as part of the term 3 syllabus. From this, the company will be able to provide opportunities for education via discussion and/or workshops with the students.

Post Show Discussion The piece tends to call for conversation and it’s something that we actually really enjoy engaging with audiences about. To explore how it has affected them and their relationships with people on the other side of the story.