Wild, absurd and a little bit wrong.

Go, Go, Go! is like a delightful mash up of retro video games and board games brought together with the technicolour absurdity of Japanese game shows. As its name suggests this show hits the ground running and builds to such a dizzying pace you’ll be left asking yourself, ‘how can they keep going?’

Bridging the gap between how generations play games, Go, Go, Go! is fun, spontaneous and interactive. Featuring an assortment of stunning acrobatics and ingenious physical theatre, audiences will see their favourite games brought to life with a circus twist. Giant Janga with an acrobat perched on top as pieces are removed; Human sized, acrobatic chess and more.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party
4 (3 artists, 1 crew)

This show has been created with touring in mind. It has an easy bump in and out as well as flexible show formats. Presenters will have the option of booking the show with or without aerial acts without affecting bump-in time, budget or the running time of the show. The company will also tour with a qualified rigger for venues with the capacity for aerial rigging (we'll discuss this with each venue).

Gravity Dolls is a collaboration between Tim Rutty and Tarah Carey. After developing respect and appreciation for each other’s work, the pair investigated the possibility of collaborating to blend their passions for theatre and circus. This passion sparked a vision to create stories that encompass the entire performance space, challenging the laws of gravity and invoking a sense of magical realism in their play, and thus, Gravity Dolls was born.

The company debuted its first show, My Life in Boxes as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival where it won the Original New Circus Award. In 2015 an excerpt from the show was placed runner up at Gasworks’ Circus Showdown competition and has been confirmed for a RAV tour in 2016.

As a company, Gravity Dolls is gaining momentum and rapidly developing a high reputation for their unique brand of physical theatre. At the core of their creative process co-founders Tim Rutty and Tarah Carey look to move away from the traditions of circus that use tricks to impress the audience. Their work looks to push the relationship between circus and theatre, where the performers movement fosters a visual score for the subtext of the script.

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Unique Selling Point

This show is nostalgic and taps into the feeling of belonging, the feeling of friendship and fun. It is accessible to a broad range of audiences, from those who grew up playing arcade games, to lovers of classic family board games to video gamers. In a show the whole family can enjoy, Go, Go, Go! is highly physical, fast paced and entertaining, but at its core it celebrates why games stand the test of time.

Marketing Materials

A comprehensive marketing kit will be supplied in sell off, this includes poster and flyer templates, marketing copy, promotion video and images, production video and images as well as assisting with drafting copy for advertising as required by the presenters (for radio ads for eg) and suggested marketing strategies that we have developed specifically for this show.

Community Engagement

We would love to offer an audience engagement that has the potential to leave something behind when our show moves on. In keeping with the spirit of the show, we would like to encourage people to play games with other people in their community. We would create a boardgames pack that gets sent to presenters in the weeks leading up to our show. Presenters will scout out a member of the local community to be their 'Games Master'. The 'Games Master' will then be entrusted with the games pack and asked to distribute the games amongst their town. By empowering local members we hope these games can find their way deep into communities. Our aim is that these games can foster new relationships between the people that have been brought together to play them. Within this model there is also the opportunity to document the stories of people's experience with each other, take pictures of games nights and the 'Games Masters', all of which could be used in local news letters, presenter email outs and social media.