Grace is lost, she doesn’t know where she is, who she is or what has happened.

There are some hints, a tingling in her hand, a photograph, a fragment of memory. She starts to put things together, and a devastating, horrifying truth emerges.?

Initially she looks for answers inside herself, but increasingly she seeks relationship with the audience. The performance space expands until it incorporates the whole auditorium, the audience themselves, literally, becoming part of the unfolding realisation of the single catastrophic moment of choice that has changed Grace for ever.

‘Grace’ is a technical and emotional tour-de-force performed by an exceptional solo performer. Combining heart-stopping circus skills, moments of great beauty and tenderness, live and recorded speech, an original soundtrack of gentle contemplation and raw power, subtle use of video, original text, ‘Grace’ is a genuine innovation in the emerging world of circus/theatre. Breathtaking and mesmeric, it is ultimately an emotionally raw story of one woman on the edge of catastrophe, a woman that we grow to love, to care for and profoundly to recognise as someone just like us.

‘Grace’ is created by Emma Serjeant (ESP) and John Britton (DUENDE), with original music by Ben Ely.

Venue Format
Theatre, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party
4 (3 if Director is not available)

Performance requires the use of a human counterweighting rigging system. We endeavour to tour with own rigger capable of installing/uninstalling and operating system during performance. Venue must meet minimum requirements of safe working loads for human flying/aerial work.

ESP - EmmaSerjeantPerformance - 'amazing humans’ ESP works with talented humans to present extremely unique circus and physical-theatre performances. A production house that extends the definition of circus by creating hybrid performances. Performances in the ESP repertoire draw on different styles and training methods such as dance, martial arts, physical theatre training and circus, both traditional and contemporary. Creative Director Emma Serjeant develops choreography methods that circus artists can work with and likes to collaborate closely with her artists. Using the incredible physical abilities of her circus artists and dancers to tell story and to develop relationship, making work from the heart of the performers. Collaborating across art forms and in particular international collaboration is of great interest to Emma, cross pollinating cultures as well as movement languages, sharing different creative styles and connecting Australian artists to the international stage. Whether it is extraordinary circus-theatre like? GRACE, the incredible movement vocabulary of? M.I.N.D.E.D,? or developing performance ideas with young people, ESP is dedicated to working with circus and physical-theatre in it’s brilliant capacity to affect people in a positive way.

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Unique Selling Point

Grace is a unique piece of circus-theatre, a genre of work requiring the performer to be versed in acting skills, have a strong emotional presence and perform feats of pure physical skill while holding conversation with the audience

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Community Engagement

Circus based workshops available in;

  • Acrobatics
  • Tumbling
  • Handstands

Creative performance workshops available in;

  • Devising and creating physical theatre and circus
  • Expression and narration with physical language

    Grace director John Britton, (if he is present on the tour) holds fantastic workshops in ensemble theatre including his own devised workshops that have been held internationally with renowned success:

  • Self with others - a performance training methodology