Synopsis: Rob’s hosting a karaoke competition at the campgrounds at their latest stop on their Grey Nomad travels. Completely unaware that his wife is grossly unhappy with this, he continues to charm fellow campers being the life of the party. His wife Maude copes by drinking and hoping for new neighbours who she can talk to. Single ladies and new travellers Brenda and Evie arrive and are not what Maude is hoping for. The four slowly get to know each other and settle into a harmony until Christian, a single younger man turns up and ruffles each of the women’s feathers. Will either Evie or Brenda catch the younger man alone for some campsite seduction? Will Rob notice his wife’s wandering eye in time to salvage his tenuous marriage?

Audience members will be thoroughly engaged as the participants of the karaoke competition and love the music of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. This light-hearted romp shall delight anyone who has ever taken the road less travelled.

Venue Format
Technical Rating
Touring Party

The production is designed to be staged in an outdoor space and would be best suited to locations that can provide grandstand style seating. Best suited to late afternoon, this reduces any lighting requirements and can be perfectly partnered with evening entertainment or catering.

Creative Regions is an arts production and arts management company based in Bundaberg. We believe communities thrive through creativity, and it is our mission to produce arts and cultural experiences that are relevant to regional people, and that add value to regional communities.

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Unique Selling Point

This production was developed by feedback from grey nomads, performed by seniors and developed particularly for the senior demographic and those that identify as 'Grey Nomads'.

Designed to be a 'panto for seniors', we draw some of the karaoke competition performers from the audience. The show opens with a sing-along with classics such as 'Banana Boat Song' and 'Hit The Road Jack' and they are encouraged to sing along to songs they know in the show. The audience are drawn into the show from the beginning and giggle their way through to the end.

Marketing Materials

Promo video Images *Locals invited to perform in the karaoke competition

Community Engagement

The show is designed to assist venues and councils to provide targeted entertainment to the visiting demographic of 'Grey Nomads'. The longer visitors stay in the area, the higher the economic return is to the community. Ideally this should would be booked to coincide with another event that is seeking to maximise on visitor engagement.

The production also requires four willing volunteers to join in as karaoke participants, encouraging local participation.