Hanako represents all that is wonderful about festival works

Traditional and contemporary Japan collide as a young girl rewrites her future.

“The Belloo team have produced an action packed, fast paced mash-up of rap music, martial arts, fashion and mayhem... An electrically charged, cross-cultural, multi-disciplined journey... The visual poetry is exceptional.” -Sonny Clarke, Aussie Theatre

HANAKO is a Western take on classic Japanese repertory including Zeami’s romantic Noh work "Lady Han" and Yukio Mishima’s "Hanjo", woven together with contemporary voices, electronic music, boxing and Japanese urban myths.

The Australian and Japanese cast move between Japanese language and English, and between the different worlds of the original plays as they collide. Each character fights, literally to the death, for their version of the story.

This is a dizzying and electric stage world—a post-modern farce about dominance and desire and the search for identity. While the stories at its heart go back decades and even centuries, HANAKO is of the now, driven by a young girl’s desire to take control of her future.

HANAKO recieved 5 x 2016 Matilda Award nominations:

  • Best Independent Production
  • Best Female Actor: Kimie Tsukakoshi
  • Best Emerging Artist: Masako Mizusawa
  • Best Sound Design/Composition: Dane Alexander
  • Best Audio Visual Design: Tiffany Atkin, John Grist,

Venue Format
Theatre, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party

Some adult themes. Recommended 15+

Belloo Creative and Critical Stages present

HANAKO: Desire & Other Secret Weapons

Written By: Katherine Lyall-Watson

Directed By: Caroline Dunphy

Creative Team (2016 ):

Director & Co-creator: Caroline Dunphy

Writer & Co-creator: Katherine Lyall-Watson

Dramaturg: Kathryn Kelly

Producer: Danielle Shankey (Belloo Creative) and Chris Bendall (Critical Stages)

Lighting Designer: Jason Glenwright

Sound Designer & Composer: Dane Alexander

Set Designer: Jonathan Shankey

Animation: John Grist

Illustrator & Animation: Tiffany Atkin

Artwork: Brydie Cossar

Production Photography: Barbara Lowing

Video Production (behind the scenes): Joel Kishinevsky, Drift Pictures

Cast: Noriaki Okubo, Kimie Tsukakoshi, Masako Mizusawa, Caroline Dunphy, Zachary Boulton, Caitlin Hill and Nicole Harvey.

Belloo Creative is an all-female, award-winning independent theatre company that produces original contemporary cross-cultural works. Founded in 2013, Belloo explores new ways of firing the imagination and connecting stories with the human body.

Belloo is four women with decades of experience: Caroline Dunphy (co-artistic director and performer); Katherine Lyall-Watson (co-artistic director and writer); Kathryn Kelly (dramaturg); and Danielle Shankey (general manager and producer).

Belloo is committed to developing partnerships to present works nationally and internationally. The company has co-produced work with NORPA, Brisbane Festival, Queensland Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse and Critical Stages and toured to Queensland, New South Wales and Canberra.

We value cross-cultural collaboration, risk-taking and rigorous process. We seek out partnerships, growing them into powerful relationships.

Our newest work Rovers will premiere at NORPA in 2018. Rovers is a contemporary comedy-drama celebrating the grit and daring of Australian women.

Other works in repertoire SAND is a new dance theatre work co-produced by Belloo, NORPA and Idiot Savant (Japan), which will premiere in 2019. This contemporary cross-cultural work explores how bodies relate with one another in the resistance and shifting nature of sand.

HANAKO premiered at Brisbane Festival in 2016 and is currently part of Critical Stages’ slate for 2019 touring.

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Unique Selling Point

Audiences who are looking for high quality original work; those interested in contemporary world history; literature (especially Japanese literature); and the arts will delight in all that HANAKO has to offer.

This is a show for the curious and creative alike.

Audiences will be fans of drama and contemporary performance.

The show's age range is broad and the work appeals equally to younger audiences from 15+ to older patrons 65+.

HANAKO is the newest work from all-female theatre company Belloo Creative.

HANAKO features an international cast from Japan and Australia and performances will be in English with some sections in Japanese.

Marketing Materials

View the Hanako trailer: https://vimeo.com/196678893 (40 seconds)

View Cast videos: Short 30-60 second videos of the cast discussing the show's themes and rehearsal process.

See Belloo's Youtube HANAKO Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTg8ZFwvVqql7LRC2ejDoKkUei8F3seDI

Available from Drop Box / Upon Request: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/k2prdf5qqqkt6hw/AAB15N6EBBb734pd22cifJfNa?dl=0

  • Marketing copy;
  • Media releases;
  • Production photographs;
  • Rehearsal photographs;
  • Social Media 'fun facts';
  • Short promotional video(s) by the cast
  • Timelapse video (making Hanako's mask);
  • Fold out program; and
  • Education pack.

View the Hanako full length archival: https://vimeo.com/196668752

Note: The archival video is password protected. Please contact Critical Stage [chris@criticalstages.com.au] or Belloo Creative [hello@belloocreative.com] to request the password .

Community Engagement

HANAKO Movement workshop: Dynamic Presence

Work with senior master performance practitioners Noriaki Okubo and Caroline Dunphy to harness the energy and projection that create dynamic presence. Caroline and Noriaki are both trained in the Suzuki Actor Training Methodology (in Australia and Japan). This 2hr workshop is designed for anyone who wants to strengthen their presence and communication on and off stage. If you're interested in hosting a workshop, please contact Belloo Creative to express your interest and receive fee information.

Traveling Art Exhibtion:

HANAKO can be toured with a travelling companion art exhibition (this was put together for the premiere production at Brisbane Powerhouse). If you're interested in hosting a companion HANAKO exhibition in your venue, please contact Belloo Creative to express your interest and receive fee information.

Foyer Display: Videos

Footage can be screened on loop in the foyer prior to or post-performance. We can provide video footage of the real people behind the story (e.g. Yukio Mishima / Loie Fuller) and footage of the cast discussing the show's themes and rehearsal process.

See Belloo's Youtube HANAKO Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTg8ZFwvVqql7LRC2ejDoKkUei8F3seDI

Foyer Display: Large corflute panels

2 x 1200mm x 2200mm panels display information about the show's characters, research and background.