Two generations of artists collaborate on a piece of contemporary performance, wedding Benjamin Knapton’s (of Circa) highly innovative world of visual dramaturgy/ design/movement and Margi Brown Ash’s postdramatic, poetic performative style. This piece screams living and dying. It is about preconceived dreams being ruptured by the ugliness of the reality of sickness. The impact of world literature, of linguistics, of poetic landscapes, of bodily disintegration, of strained relationships and uplifting stories are juxtaposed with visual dramaturgy incorporating film, soundscape, projection, etc. It is aimed at an audience who is interested in being challenged and provoked as well as entertained. Set in the western suburbs of Brisbane, moving to country NSW then back again, this performance explores what it is like to stand in the shoes of someone with a terminal illness, the opportunities this presents as well as interrogating our oftimes surprising and somewhat cruel responses to mortality. The visual dramaturgy is a crucial aspect of the performance, creating ruptured and surprising metaphorical landscapes, where the unexpected happens. “He Dreamed a Train” offers audiences an intimate and impactful insight into how death flirts with our everyday life, with humour, surprise, anger and disappointment.


In October 2014 HDAT became the first SWEET Program at Brisbane Powerhouse.

Margi Brown Ash has very recently formed the ensemble company "Force of Circumstance," the only professional and intentional Intergenerational Theatre Company in Australia to her knowledge. In USA there are over 700 such companies. FOC's objective is to begin the cross pollination between the generations and multiple arts practices in order to access a variety of target audiences thereby enriching the community. Margi is a well known theatre maker in Brisbane, who has focused on the healing power of art to make change and her latest project helps address the growing issue of the increasing number of older people in our society who feel excluded due to age.

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Community Engagement

Workshop on "How to Deal with What's Coming to You": a look at illness, grief and loss through an artistic lens which embraces a light touch to a serious and relentless topic, something that is rarely discussed by is to be experienced by everyone. Margi Brown Ash is a highly trained therapist and coach, and will use a narrative, collaborative framework to awaken affirming stories of living. These stories will be recorded and displayed.