Lovers on the highway, chased down by their past.

Cole and Sky, a young couple, are driving in a classic Aussie car from the coast into the guts of the country. Cole’s father is ill and Sky is due a holiday after climbing the corporate ladder.

They set out with unbridled enthusiasm for the road ahead; swept up in romantic dreaming and poetic ruminations amid the boundless plains. They knit new narratives for themselves; give themselves new names and identities in sync with their seemingly unanimous versions of utopia. Their newfound freedom is underscored by a long-forgotten mix tape buried deep in the glovebox, but out of the static following the final song comes a blast from the past.

Equal parts Mad Max, Evil Angels, and Wolf Creek, 'Horizon' is a high-octane journey that’s over the limit, overheating and tearing right into the heart of Australia. 'Horizon' harnesses the allegorical power inherent in the literal journey to slam entrenched traditional Australian identity tropes into a new, contemporary vision of what Australian society could be.

'Horizon' will premiere at Brisbane Powerhouse in May 2021.

Venue Format
Theatre, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party

15+. WARNING: Contains coarse language and adult themes including sexual consent.

‘Horizon’ has visual projection throughout the show and requires a projector. The technical specifications will be available in early 2021. Playlab will supply the car set piece and the projection screen/surface.

The show tours with a Stage Manager and a Technician/Operator.


Playlab Theatre is an award-winning production company that seeks to challenge perspectives of Australian Culture through Australian Theatre. Uniquely, Playlab Theatre (Playlab) does this through developing, publishing and producing new Australian Theatre with playwrights at the centre of the creative process.

Through Playlab’s development program is a pathway to advance a work from inception to rehearsal readiness. The Playwright-in-Residence program supports playwrights to reach their potential through commissioning for production. At any given time Playlab has at least three commissioned works on the slate, undergoing rigorous development to ensure excellence. Playlab’s objective is to tour productions straight after their debut seasons to keep costs low for presenters and improve outcomes for artists.

As a new-writing theatre, Playlab privileges adventurous work that speaks to the diversity and politics of contemporary Australia and appeals to audiences across the country.

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Unique Selling Point

‘Horizon’ is inspired by Mad Max: Fury Road, and the classic films of the Ozploitation era, and is set in a real-life classic car that will rotate on stage in a high-octane adrenaline rush of sweat, grit and dangerous ambition.

The award-winning team from ‘Blue Bones’ return to bring to life the Australian landscape, from the coast to the outback, and shift into poetic, surreal and magical places as the car journey progresses and the sun goes down.

The isolation of the Australian outback and the twists and turns in the story will keep audiences riveted until the unexpected end.

Marketing Materials

Playlab will create a comprehensive library of digital and physical assets including marketing collateral, templates, production shots, promotional images, artist interviews and video footage, which will be shared with our presenting partners.

'Horizon’ will be published by Playlab in May 2021. The publication can be made available for sale in the foyer after a performance.

A comprehensive set of education notes written by Stephanie Tudor are currently available. This includes a synopsis of the play, detailed interviews with Maxine Mellor and Ian Lawson about the creative process, Curriculum Connections with script excerpts, activities, resources, and discussions on the elements of drama.

Community Engagement

Post-performance discussions will be available to enable the audience to engage with the actors and ask questions about the show and its creation and acting in general. The play script will be available for purchase in hardcopy. For school communities, there are comprehensive education notes available for download. There will also be a potential for directing, acting and playwriting workshops by the creatives within the work in the local community or through online platforms. Due to 'Horizon' being an exciting show with the activation of the car, there is also the potential for technical workshops, focusing on digital technologies, tools and skills. Artists interviews can also be arranged.