Set on a six ton pile of sand upon which Marc performs away from his wheelchair, (i)land explores an interesting, imaginary dilemma:

Faced with life on a desert island, three characters uncover a means of escape back to civilisation. As the narrative unfolds, the characters find pieces of a vehicle buried in the sand that will take them off the island. They work together to build the craft, only to find that it will carry just one of them….

(i)land is inspired by desert island novels such as Lord of the Flies and stories from the Outback. These narratives and Marc’s fierce physicality – grounded in contemporary technique and classical ballet - are fused with tender yet unsentimental expression to explore questions of isolation and exclusion, the politics of disability and perceptions of the body in dance.

Marc Brew Company created this outdoor work (i)land,for the Glasgow 2014 Cultural Programme and Without Walls.

Venue Format
Theatre, Outdoor
Technical Rating
Touring Party

Family friendly. Need 6 tons of sand, or a clean beach.

Necessary - Completely flat surface and site needs to be fully accessible by lorry to drop off 6 tons of sand. Scenography consists of wooden blocks bolted together, and some rigging for rope ladder & pole structures. The wooden blocks are then covered in sand. Need a couple of volunteers to help move the sand before and after the show.

Founded in 2008, Marc Brew Company by award winning disabled dancer/choreographer Marc Brew, the company has built a reputation for creating extraordinary work.

Since its inception, the company has blazed a trail of high quality work, bringing together exceptional artists with and without disabilities to create powerful and engaging performances. Marc has been part of a swell of talented disabled artists based in Scotland. The company has challenged audience’s perceptions of dancers and opened the door for disabled artists to be recognised as professional, high quality performers and creators.

The company has been in demand nationally and internationally, touring to USA, Australia, Qatar, Europe and Brazil. It collaborates with top quality artists such as Dame Evelyn Glennie, Phil Sheppard, Andy Hamer, Rachel Gadsden and Scott Patterson and was selected to create work for and perform at the Unlimited Festival at Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank as part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad, British Dance Edition 2014 and as part of the Festival 2014 Commonwealth Games. Over the last 3 years, Marc’s choreography has been seen by over 16,000 people around the world.

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Unique Selling Point

A desert island pops up in the city centre, in a forest, or on the beach, which is a magnet for young people to want to play on. Audiences are curious and once the music begins, evoking the seaside and rock guitar, the characters are introduced, with one emerging from the sand, another from the sea. Audiences bring their own stories to the show and have the opportunity to come onto the set and engage with the artists after the work.

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Community Engagement

Marc runs a series of Masterclasses, choreographic intensives, workshops and residencies. He can also offer teacher training for dancers, professionals and educators and is often asked to attend conventions and conferences. For more information please visit

Again the legacy is inspiring people to think differently about dance and who a dancer is, and to inspire people to try.