"If the Wiggles are the Eagles then The Listies are the Sex Pistols." The Age

“We at Riverside remember when The Listies played in our smallest theatre…seems like only yesterday, they were new and unknown - albeit still hilariously funny. A couple of years on 1000 kids and their adults squealed, snorted and smiled their way through The Listies show and then out our doors. Joy and fun. What more can you ask for?”

Michelle Kotevski - Program Manager Riverside Theatre Parramatta, who has since booked 6 Listies shows (in 2 different productions) for Riverside Theatre's 750 seat theatre this year alone.

Australia’s favourite kids comedians, The Listies, are bringing their best-smelling, award winning book ‘ICKYPEDIA: A Dictionary of Disgusting New Words’ to the stage, in a brand new show! Debuting in July 2017 at the Victorian Arts Centre ICKYPEDIA will be a seriously silly show that answers all of life’s important questions: such as: how do you take a SMELLFIE? What does POOETRY sound like? What is a HOOTENGRANNY? And how does one avoid a FARTQUAKE?

Anarchic, spontaneous, interactive and astoundingly funny ICKYPEDIA will be packed with preposterous props, infectious energy and double act mayhem. ICKYPEDIA will uneducate and delight audiences everywhere it goes!

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party

Show can be made to fit standard with minor adjustments and the addition of 4 specials. Lighting operator to follow SM show call

Sound Requirements: 2 x Good quality radio headset mics, 1 x hand held radio micro Onstage DI, Sound tech to sound check mikes

Please see attached presenter pack for more info.

Performances may contain LOLs, alien attacks and traces of nuts.

We are the Listies, an independent theatre company with an established track record of creating award-winning, critically acclaimed and highly tourable work for the children and families sector. Our focus is on making original theatre works that are interactive, captivating to young people (and their families), accessible to the widest possible audience, never patronising and very very funny.

Since 2008 we have produced nine full length (and numerous short form) shows, two comedy albums, podcasts, an interactive online theatre experience (via the Sydney Opera House’s NBN programme), additional video content to accompany and advertise theatre works and soon, a book, published by Penguin. We’ve played all over the country in large venues and festivals like the Sydney Theatre Company, Sydney Opera House, Malthouse Theatre, Sydney Festival, Melbourne Festival, Brisbane Powerhouse, Adelaide Festival Centre, Ten Days on the Island and Awesome Festival as well as town halls, community festivals and Spiegeltents. The company have toured extensively overseas, with seasons in South Korea, Malaysia, Ireland, the UK and New Zealand.

The company has the firm belief that young people deserve culturally relevant theatre experiences that will ensure a long lasting commitment to the performing arts.

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Unique Selling Point

"Nobody else does comedy for kids this brilliantly, but what's more astounding is that adults have just as much fun. The Listies occupy a dimension all of their own." ****1/2 Sydney Morning Herald.

Our focus is on making original theatre works that are interactive, captivating to young people (and their families), accessible to the widest possible audience, never patronising and very very funny. We have a growing fanbase which we have grown after 6 years of constant touring. ICKYPEDIA will be the next long awaited instalment in our touring repertoire.

Marketing Materials

Included in the purchase of this production is a vibrant, engaging marketing package that is designed to be easily tailored by venues to suit their house styles (see video clip and poster examples of the company's previous shows). ICKYPEDIA already has 8 short comedy video clips professionally produced by Penguin, the book itself has already sold over 7000 copies in Australia. Closer to launch the company will produce more videos and images to promote the tour. The company maintains a on-going conversation with their audience members and fans through e-newsletters (2000 plus email list) and social media (2000 likes on Facebook and 1000 Instagram followers) .

Community Engagement

Although the production doesn't have a specific community engagement focus, interactivity in the live experience is key for the company. The house lights are rarely off during a Listies show and we strive to include local references in the show, as part of a commitment to making the live experience relevant to each audience we play to. Also years of touring has made our fans incredibly loyal, we have a close relationship to fans who see us several times each year and have done since 2010.