‘& I’ll Cry If I Want To’ is the latest work from young Australian company; Madhouse Circus. We enter into a surprise birthday party, the place for glitter, tantrums, and laughs. Not the place for reserves or embarrassments. Games will be played and champions will be made but most of all we’ll just be celebrating. We’ve got the decorations and balloons ready but where kids are involved things don’t always go to plan. It wouldn’t be a birthday party if someone didn’t cry and demand their parents take them home before cake. Our three main focuses are celebration, body confidence and forgiveness with the majority of our cast being female; we’re here to inspire the next generation of acrobats and leaders. There’ll be hilarity, acrobatics and balloons popping like crazy!

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
C, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

The stage flooring MUST be hard surface, preferably wood. It is preferable that the stage has 10m length in a direction (diagonal is acceptable) however we have an alternate, smaller space version available for any sized venue.

Point & Flex Circus is an award winning Australian contemporary circus and movement based ensemble that formed in 2013. With three shows in its repertoire the company has had many tours and career highlights in its short life. 3 Steps Ahead won ‘Best Emerging Circus Performer’ on their first and only tour to Melbourne Fringe in 2015. Temper has toured regionally and thrilled many audience members, while Betwixt was the first solo show from the company and featured the curiously dark and playful styling’s of Marina Gellmann.

In 2012, while studying full time at the National Institute of Circus Arts, 8 students developed Alice in the Madhouse. After touring Melbourne and Adelaide the company formed under the name Madhouse Circus. Since then and still during their time at NICA they developed a second show; Illuminate. Illuminate toured nationally throughout 2014/15. Upon graduation all cast members were highly sought after and are now performing with various companies such as acclaimed Casus, Circus Oz and Circa. In 2016 Madhouse Circus began preparations for their third full-length show.

BOSS Squad is the first collaboration of its kind for both companies involved but both companies believe the united force of women is unstoppable.

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

An audience enters as strangers and leaves as a community. We’re offering a show that varying ages can all enjoy. Your aunty, grandpa, friend, neighbour or pet dog will walk away from this show feeling worthy of a celebration. Heart warming and full of daring acrobatics this show provides colour, sparkle and laughs to the entire audience.

Marketing Materials

Professionally shot images by Brig Bee Photography. Workshops can be offered in conjunction. Adelaide Fringe Season footage shot professionally by Chris Bennett Underground Media.

Community Engagement

We would love to offer circus workshops with our show wherever possible. Absolute beginners can go on to be confident jugglers or capable tumblers in just an hour. Circus workshops for children, adults or particular community groups can make a huge difference to the confidence and physical health of participants. We travel with only the equipment needed for the show but can easily bring workshop equipment too if forewarned. We did workshops along side our recent season in Mt Gambier and had much success. Natasha Little organised for us to work with Mt. Gambier’s home-schooling and dance communities as well as to visit a local school. She is available on email and phone for reference. Email: christash2010@bigpond.com Phone: +61 424 722 362

A Q&A after our show is also a very easy option for us, we would happily talk about our personal experiences with youth circus, studying art at university and all our individual pathways. Each of which have led us to performing in this show as professional circus artists. It is our intention that this, when speaking to young people in particular, can inspire others that their ideas and dream are also relevant and achievable.

Longer engagements are likely to have greater impact.