A story about the enduring power of human connection.

"The trick is to enjoy the good, and know that even the very, very bad...they're just...moments." In this funny, moving story, the unlikely friendship between an uptight accountant and a contemplative homeless man changes the course of both their lives. Long-listed for the Qld Premier's Drama Award 2015/16.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

15 years and over.

Tim Jackman and Tammy Tresillian have been working towards writing/directing/performing and producing In A Moment for the past 7 years. It is the first show the duo have created, with several others in development. Individually, they are experienced arts workers in their own right. "King of the Kids" Tim Jackman has been entertaining children for 2 decades. Tammy Tresillian trained at the Lee Strasberg Institute in NY and has performed on stages in Brisbane, Melbourne and NYC. She is also a registered Drama and Theatre Studies teacher with 15 years experience.

Unique Selling Point

In A Moment celebrates the things that bring humans together; it is a story about human connection and the way a friendship between people can affect and change their lives. It covers themes of love, guilt, loss, fear and loneliness. We have been incredibly humbled by the genuine love that our audiences, young and old, from all walks of life, have had for this timeless story. We would love to share the story with even more audiences - especially those in remote areas who may not have the opportunity to access theatre as easily as those in metropolitan areas.

Marketing Materials

This story is appropriate for Secondary students. Tammy Tresillian is a high school Drama teacher and is happy to create appropriate resources for different year levels as required.

Community Engagement

We are happy to provide acting workshops for Secondary students and adults alike, as Tammy Tresillian is a Drama and Theatre Studies teacher. Tim Jackman is a children's entertainer ("King of the Kids") and could engage the community with concerts for younger children.