* insert COMMUNITY here * - putting your community at the centre of the creative process

How can the landscape (people and places) of YOUR COMMUNITY influence the creation of a new performance work?

Via a process of artefact collection and contribution from the local community - stories, images, images, impulses – Phluxus2 will develop a new work that is drawn from and in response to the local site. A process of creative play: in community, in a public space, responding to the collection will unfold. The rehearsal space is within the landscape, community can come and view, contribute, participate and influence - and in return be influenced themselves by the unfolding artistic process.

The overarching aim of this project is to find the nexus between Phluxus2’s strong community engagement processes and the artistic aesthetics in the creation of a new work while in residence within your community - undertaken in consultation and in collaboration with your community.

The engagement strategy is multi-pronged - involving local creative practitioners, community participants and other local stakeholders. The engagement processes will be developed and tailored to the needs and aspirations of your community, prior to, and/or as part of the delivery of the activity. There are no boundaries for this way of working, only those that we set for ourselves.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party
2 - 4 artists (depending on agreed size and scale)

The design of the project, and the show outcome is developed with the community. You are buying a community creation PROCESS. You are buying a bespoke process that will lead to a work that will be developed in collaboration with YOUR COMMUNITY.

Phluxus2 Dance Collective is an award winning Brisbane dance company, that explores beautifully abstract movement landscapes that turn paradigms of performance on its head.

Currently in the twelfth year of practice the company has had many highlights- including artist in residence projects with The Firkin Crane (Ireland), Cairns Centre of Contemporary Arts, Dancenorth, Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts and most recently Metro Arts in collaboration with Access Arts. The company has performed across Australia and internationally at the World Dance Alliance Global Summit and the American Dance Guild Festival (New York), to name a few. Additionally, the company has strong and important ties with the education sector teaching workshops and creating work for young artists across the state. Collaborations and residence projects include Creative Generation, Caboolture State High School, Kenmore State High School and Canterbury College. We have recently been working with Yeronga State High School and Griffin University on the Y Connect Project creating works Inner Outer Space and A Star Cross’d Smash – which has recently been nominated for an Australian Dance Award in Most Outstanding Youth or Community Project.

Previous include:

  • the machine that carries the soul
  • chinese whisper/broken telephone
  • Boiling Point
  • de-generator
  • The Paratrooper Project

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Unique Selling Point

The unique elements includes: • Bespoke development and planning in consultation with local key stakeholders • Directed outcomes in relation to local community development strategies • Multi-layered multi-disciplinary development approach that enables/engages your community’s creative ecology • In-depth community research built into the process, involving consultation and taster workshops to develop community knowledge informing planning and project deliverables • Solid legacy frameworks embedded in the project specific community targets and identified growth areas • Best practice community development strategies • Community dance development project designed and delivered specifically to your community context and according to your needs and requirements • Access to award winning Queensland artists

Marketing Materials

Resources can be developed specifically for each project in consultation with each community.

Community Engagement

The community engagement activities that are offered are embedded within the development process of this show. The community engagement activities will feed into the creation of a new performative work. A number of frameworks might be delivered in the context of your community to gather further research, deliver skills development, as well as serve as engagement activations. They include:

  • schools workshops
  • open public workshops (site specific and/or venue specific)
  • cross discipline workshops in collaboration with local artists from other genres
  • community think-tanks and gatherings
  • local emerging artist seeding initiatives and choreographic workshops (THE indepenDANCE PROJECT)