Intimate Space is a series of experiential site-specific solo and duet works of dance theatre presented within a leading hotel. Check in with your fellow guests and be immersed into a poignant and at times hilarious imaginative environment.

On this travelling adventure, the hotel's sophisticated bar and lush rooms with views are contrasted by the stark undertones of the nooks and crannies of its back-of-house operations. Guided by an evocative soundscape by Jason Sweeney, the physical conversation takes a similarly diverse journey. Witness a tender and cheeky duet in a private room then an urgent physical explosion in the laundry. All looks neat and tidy but what is going on behind the scenes of these emotional dance vignettes?

Challenging themes of visibility, authority, self-worth and relationships, the dancers ask you to uncover meaning in the delicately crafted movement. Both elegant and humorous, be surprised and enchanted by this exquisite performance experience.

"5 STARS. Innovative, potent, bold and beautiful, Intimate Space is an extraordinary and highly entertaining experience" - Limelight

Intimate Space premiered at Hilton Adelaide - Adelaide Festival 2017.

Intimate Space was nominated for a Helpmann Award for 'Best Dance Production' and has been nominated for 2 Ruby Awards for 'Best Work' and 'Innovation'.

Touring Party
TBC - Dependent on touring model

Recommended for ages 12+ A mutually beneficial partnership with a leading hotel will be negotiated.

Led by Artistic Director Michelle Ryan, one of Australia’s leading dance artists, Restless Dance Theatre creates high quality real, raw and uninhibited dance theatre. It is Australia’s leading dance theatre company working with young people with and without disability to collaboratively create outstanding inclusive dance theatre informed by disability. The company presents unexpectedly real dance theatre works in multiple mediums to diverse audiences.

Restless has developed a way of working where participants are given a series of creative challenges and asked to respond in movement. Dance sequences are then built up from their responses. This produces unique, distinctive and very striking dance through a process that nurtures the creative voices of the dancers.

Restless artists enliven and diversify Australian dance. The dancers create original and remarkable work that extends the definition of what dance is.

2016 marked the 25th anniversary of Restless Dance Theatre.

"...exceptionally beautiful and highly skilled, often funny, and always moving" - Robyn Archer

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

Intimate Space is a series of experiential site-specific solo and duet works of dance theatre presented within a hotel, a non-conventional performance space. Audience members experience the work in groups of 10-12. It is a promenade piece - the audience gets an "access all areas" experience of a busy hotel. Audience members wear headphones at times to experience the work. Hotel patrons/staff unknowingly form the backdrop to the performance by going about their everyday business in the hotel. 
 The dancers of Restless are charming, engaging and unique. The individuality of the artists is a major strength of the company.

Marketing Materials

High quality images and marketing copy is available. High quality footage (short promo and full length) and 10 brilliant reviews of the premiere season are available. The premiere seasons of Restless productions are audio described and this script can be made available to Presenters. We encourage Presenters to offer an Auslan interpreted performance.

Community Engagement

Intimate Space enables programmers to engage with their local communities as it offers the unique opportunity for local performers to take part in the performance.

We have 3 different models to realise the work while still maintaining the artistic integrity of the work.

  • In Adelaide we had a cast of 21 Restless dancers.

  • In 2018 we will present the work with 11 Restless dancers and 10 local performers. This presents a great way to engage with local artists and audiences and provides angles for local media. Restless will visit prior to the season to rehearse with community participants and adapt the work into the new hotel space.
  • We have a residency model whereby Restless Dance Theatre's Artistic Director, Michelle Ryan and the Production team work with a fully local cast for 6 weeks to develop a unique version of the show.

In addition, Restless runs an extensive high quality workshop program and has a long history of delivering community workshops and extended residency programs. Restless can work with these existing skills as well as innovate by thinking more creatively about how it engages with its audience before during and after the performance presentation.

Restless will develop an innovative and meaningful community engagement strategy.