A warm, witty and honest performance, where the audience is taken on a personal journey through one woman’s crazy, turbulent and hugely entertaining theatrical life.

Discovering her gift for performance at the age of four, we follow the roller-coaster ride of Gem's life, through marriage, motherhood, lack of money and the shadow of epilepsy that threatens.

Susan Prince wrote and stars in this one-woman show, as her character, Gem, takes us from that four year old singing to her parents, through to the present day. What she creates is a mesmerising telling of a magical life, where battles are fought and won with laughter, song and the odd soft shoe shuffle, while lurking in the background the dark shadow of epilepsy hovers, adding to the sense of bravery that infuses Gem, who will not give in to its frightening unpredictability.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
Touring Party
Susan Prince (Actor), Sam Gibb (Stage Manager / Technical / Tour Manager)

General Show Information: First produced by JUTE Theatre Company in 2015. In this warm and witty one-woman show, written and performed by Susan Prince, we are taken on a personal journey through a theatrical life. Gem has many loves, but theatre is the love of her life. She discovers her gift for performance at the age of 4 and from that first spark she creates her world through the patchwork of characters she plays. But how does marriage, motherhood, and the dread of epilepsy fit? Susan Prince has created an open and honest telling of a magical life in theatre - warts, wonders and all. The show is rated M. Directed by: Suellen Maunder Dramaturg: Peter Matheson Set & Costume Design: Simone Tesorieri & Simona Cosentini Lighting Designer: Jason Glenwright Sound Design: John Goodson Stage Manager / Senior Technician: Sam Gibb Featuring: Susan Prince

JUTE's vision is of a world made richer through theatre! With over 20 years experience of producing almost exclusively new Australian works, JUTE has a reputation for excellent performances, stunning design and surprising new stories. 98% of our surveyed audience consistently rate the quality of our productions as good-excellent and state that they would recommend to their friends! Peers from 'down south' are often surprised by the quality of JUTE work. JUTE is a champion for regional theatre and can bring our vast knowledge of working in the regions to your centre.

JUTE is a jewel in the Australian theatre industry and its time for us to share this with the world!

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Unique Selling Point

It's special because of the connection it makes to the audience. Feedback consistently stated the honesty, openness and resonance. This is a universal tale of battling the odds and moving forward with a positive attitude and lust for life, or in Gem's case, theatre. Individuals can see their own selves mirrored in Gem's tale - it might not be the passing clouds of domestic violence, no money and living on noodles - we each have our own path to tread. Gem shows us that it is a positive attitude that can put us centre stage of our own lives, every time.

Marketing Materials

Media Releases Bios Production Photos Flyers Posters Videos – Trailer, Behind the Scenes x 3 Website links to information on epilepsy and domestic violence.

Community Engagement

A Post show Q&A follows the performance, when Susan Prince returns to the stage, as herself. It is an opportunity to discuss the response to the show and ask questions about the process of creating the work, allow the audience to delve into the creative process, and come away with a better understanding of what they have seen.

Like a TED talk, it's only 20 minutes and the audience leaves knowing more about how theatre is created, the problem-solving that the creative team went through to come up with solutions, and an understanding of the difference between real life and art imitating life, because while the play is based on the life of Susan Prince, it is not Susan on the stage, but Gem.

It is also an opportunity to better understand living with something over which you have no control - with dignity, humour and honesty.