Its Not Easy Being Green is a high-energy, emotionally charged cabaret that challenges the perceptions that ‘mental illness’ is a dirty word. It’s about mental wellness! It is a light-hearted trip, deep into the twisted rabbit-hole of the human psyche. As passionate as it is funny, the show will inspire, entertain and start that conversation we all need to have with ourselves and each other. Karen Lee Roberts is tour guide on a hilarious journey of extremes based on real-life experiences and some figments of her unbridled imagination. She is joined onstage by legendary jazz-blues pianist, Jeff Usher, as they take you on a guided tour through the life of Alexandra (a facet of Karen’s personality). This show has something for everyone; flirtatious interactions with the audience, yoga (with a little mania on the side), beautiful blues, a measure of social awkwardness, a lap-dance and a quarter-marathon rap with beat-box accompaniment.
This manically funny show about conquering adversity and battling inner turmoil is great therapy. Cheaper than a visit to the therapist this show is a prescription for a healthy dose of laughter and tears. Featuring original music and quirky text, it will reach out to minds, hearts and souls.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

Performance contains adult content (moderate sex scene), some 15+ rated language, and does deal with mental health issues. It is however, funny as well as moving. It can be set up in very small spaces, with just enough room for a keyboard, pianist, chair and one actor on stage.

This a small company created for the purposes of putting on my cabaret, “It’s Not Easy Being Green”. It was started by Karen Lee Roberts and Sarah Gall during the Anywhere Theatre Festival, when the show was performed during this. It is now staging the show for the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Unique Selling Point

The show embarks on both an emotional and light-hearted journey into the life of a woman rising above adversity in the face of mental health concerns. It shows how every day people can use strategies to conquer mental illness, and beat the odds. The cabaret is full of quirky text and fabulous music that makes it entertaining as well as educational, so that people enjoy watching it whilst they are getting a message from the show. There is audience interaction in a fun and laughable way, and many scenes that suggest possibilities for action in one’s own life.

Marketing Materials

We will have posters and flyers for the show, and have an archive of media images. We have reviews for the show from the Adelaide Fringe Festival, Anywhere Theatre Festival and a season at Room to Play, and YouTube and Vimeo footage.

Community Engagement

I would have a Q&A after the cabaret for members of the audience to engage the community. This would meaningfully engage with communities, and open up those important conversations that I speak of in the context of what my show is about. There will be a social impact from the cabaret, as it speaks of vital issues in the community today, those on mental health concerns. People would have these topics brought to the forefront, and have these topics put on a platform for discussion. By opening up discussions, mental wellness issues will be put on the table, and a legacy of bringing an opening for conversation with these topics will remain.

I would like the cabaret to broaden people's way of thinking, and to open their minds. To enrich the community in ways of developing strategies for coping with mental health awareness, and overcoming adversity. The community will benefit greatly from this. People will learn ways to deal with issues in their own lives, whether they suffer from mental health concerns or not, by watching my show. The Q&A afterwards would engage people even more by answering any further questions they had on mental health issues.