There’s no business like Joh business!

Joh for PM is a musical romp through the life of ex-Premier Joh Bjelke-Petersen, the Queensland icon who set state politics alight.

The musical comedy satirises the bizarre events that occurred in Australian politics during the Bjelke-Petersen reign. Set at a fundraiser for Joh in 1987, audiences will want to sing along to original tunes such as Pumpkin Scone Diplomacy, Feeding the Chooks and the most catchy political song ever, Joh for PM.

Bjelke-Petersen was Queensland’s longest serving, longest-lived, most quotable Premier. He was one of the best-known and most controversial political figures of 20th century Australia. Award-winning playwright Stephen Carleton (The Narcissist, The Turquoise Elephant, Bastard Territory) and Broadway composer Paul Hodge (Clinton: The Musical) have taken inspiration from these historic events to create one of the best musicals to come out of Queensland.

This joyous toe-tapping, hilarious cautionary tale will resonate with Queenslanders who lived through the Joh era, as well as those who are yet to learn about this colourful time in Australian history.

Join us for a laugh, a joke and a bloody good time.

Venue Format
Theatre, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
A, B, C
Touring Party
9 - 6 x Actors, 1 x Stage Manager, 1 x Mech, 1 x Tech/Tour Manager

Rated: PG

*The touring set is designed to be reliant on a standard fly line / fly tower style venue. The set requires fly lines to lift & secure the set elements.

*The show has a technical rating of A / B. The show tours with an extensive set consisting of 3 x large false pros arches. These arches are quite heavy and are best flown from venue fly lines.

*The show has a touring LX design consisting of approx. 112 fixtures. The show tours with LED pars and utilises venue stock for conventional fixtures.

*The show tours with 6 x headset microphones and playback device. FOH audio system & minimal FB wedges required from venue.

*The show tours with projection. Projection is applied to the front of the set & requires min of 11m of projection distance from front of set to projector position.

*Extensive discussions should be had for technical translation into a “black box” venue.

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Unique Selling Point

'JOH for PM is full of the idiosyncratic phrases and crooked metaphors which endeared Joh to his supporters and infuriated his detractors: “Don’t you worry about that” makes frequent appearances in the dialogue. Audiences respond to this set of episodes in Joh’s life with delight and are even more amused when the Joh story reveals certain parallels with another (contemporary) political clown, as Joh threatens to build a wall to keep the ‘Mexicans’ out of Queensland; and the delivery of ‘fake news’ from journos is to blame.' Glyn Davies

A new Australian Musical about the mavericks that become politicians.

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Media Release Bios Production Photos Flyers Posters Promo Video TVC Reviews from Brisbane Powerhouse and JUTE Theatre Company's seasons in July and August 2017.

Community Engagement

Cast are available for press calls and sponsor talks.

A Post show Q&A follows the performance is an opportunity to discuss the response to the show and ask questions about the process of creating the work, allow the audience to delve into the creative process, and come away with a better understanding of what they have seen.

Like a TED talk, it's only 20 minutes and the audience leaves knowing more about how theatre is created, the problem-solving that the creative team went through to come up with solutions.

Musical theatre workshops can be offered for schools and community groups.