Enriched by a varied arts and academic career, Karl Erikson has recorded his favourite original songs, created at special times and in unique places around the world. He brings their story, lyricism, images and community appeal to a live performance celebrating his love of song and travel.

He performs via live singing and playing guitar/'ukulele in a multi-media format — incorporating studio quality backing tracks from the 'Traveller' album, high-resolution projected photographs, and contextualizing commentary with humorous and thought-provoking anecdotes.

Karl Erikson (a.k.a. Karl Neuenfeldt) brings to the performance experiences as: a professional musician in Australia, the Americas and Middle East; recording artist of four albums of original songs, most recently 'Traveller' (2018); co-producer of two ARIA Award winning World Music albums for Henry 'Seaman' Dan — with whom he performed at major festivals and national radio programs; music researcher awarded Australia's National Film and Sound Archive's Sound Heritage Award; and, university lecturer and author/editor of numerous scholarly publications.

His world has truly been one full of music. 'Karl Erikson, Traveller: A World of Music in 10 Songs' combines his varied experiences and skills in a unique live multi-media performance suitable for a range of venues, events, festivals, age groups and communities.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

Selling points: the performance is self-contained, simple to mount and suits both small intimate venues and larger halls. The performer is highly experienced with technical and musical aspects of the show and is a seasoned communicator keen to engage with audiences. Also: the performer is keen to perform in regional and remote areas and has a 4-wheel drive vehicle and extensive experience traveling 'remote' and 'bush'.

Unique Selling Point

What will appeal to audiences are high production values and polished solo performance by an experienced entertainer and communicator. The range of cultural and historical content, the songs' catchy musical arrangements and the singer's engaging personal style will create an intimate connection with audiences. The audiences will be able to travel figuratively across time, place and soundscapes because the songs are set thematically in different parts of the world, are supported visually by relevant images, and are musically varied as to instrumentation. Plus, the songs recount personal experiences and thus are not the product of 'armchair', TV or Internet travel.

Marketing Materials

The show is thematically unique as well as easy and efficient to mount. For example, it is presented by one person, is musically and technically self-contained, has high production values, features live singing and guitar/'ukulele playing to professionally mixed and mastered album tracks, and creates a relaxed atmosphere with the possibility and encouragement of audience interaction. Ticket prices can be kept accessible and road travel costs reasonable.

Community Engagement

Opportunities for community engagement could include: 1) pre-performance media promotion (local/regional community and commercial radio, print); 2) post-performance Q&A on songwriting, music production and researching/preserving community music; and, 3) having a local singer-songwriter/small group entertain before the main performance. Karl Erikson has also performed in aged care facilities in a retiree 'ukulele group (Bundy Strum) that toured care facilities during the Bundaberg Crush event (2016). Such a separate community engagement would suit those community members unable to attend the 'Traveller' performance and would present a range of popular songs suitable for an older audience. The host community would be consulted beforehand as to what community engagement strategies/events would be appropriate and what would enhance entertainment value for the community.